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Starred Review First time author Adiga has created a memorable tale of one taxi driver s hellish experience in modern India Told with close attention to detail, whether it be the vivid portrait of India he paints or the transformation of Balram Halwai into a bloodthirsty murderer, Adiga writes like a seasoned professional John Lee delivers an absolutely stunning performance, reading with a realistic and unforced East Indian dialect He brings the story to life, reading with passion and respect for Adiga s prose Lee currently sits at the top of the professional narrator s ladder an actor so gifted both in his delivery and expansive palette of vocal abilities that he makes it sound easy A Free Press hardcover Reviews, JanMay Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reservedIn this darkly comic dbut novel set in India, Balram, a chauffeur, murders his employer, justifying his crime as the act of a social entrepreneur In a series of letters to the Premier of China, in anticipation of the leaders upcoming visit to Balrams homeland, the chauffeur recounts his transformation from an honest, hardworking boy growing up in the Darknessthose areas of rural India where education and electricity are equally scarce, and where villagers banter about local elections like eunuchs discussing the Kama Sutrato a determined killer He places the blame for his rage squarely on the avarice of the Indian lite, among whom bribes are commonplace, and who perpetuate a system in which many are sacrificed to the whims of a few Adigas message isnt subtle or novel, but Balrams appealingly sardonic voice and acute observations of the social order are both winning and unsettling CopyrightClick here to subscribe to The New Yorker

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