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As a sportswriter, Frank Bascombe makes his living studying people men, mostly who live entirely within themselves This is a condition that Frank himself aspires to But at thirty eight, he suffers from incurable dreaminess, occasional pounding of the heart, and the not too distant losses of a career, a son, and a marriage In the course of the Easter week in which Fords moving novel transpires, Bascombe will end up losing the remnants of his familiar life, though with his spirits soaring

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  1. hfffoman hfffoman says:

    Reading this is like walking along a badly laid path which makes you stumble at every step And even though I cannot say we like each other, I definitely can say that we don t dislike each other, which may be exactly the quiddity of all friendships that have not begun with fellows you know before your own life became known to you which is the case with me, and, I suppose, for the others, though I truly don t know them well enough to say When not stumbling over the author s phraseology, you are left to stumble over his proper nouns, which his writing school seems to have told him to stuff into his paragraphs to achieve verisimilitude by the time I had come round the traffic rotary in Neptune and turned toward the south Shore Points, the rain had swept up into the Amboys leaving me drenched in the supra real seashore sunshine and traffic hum of Shark River, as indistinguishable from my fellow Jerseyites as a druggist from Sea GirtA passing glance down off the bridge lock at Avon and along the day trip docks where the plastic pennants flutter and shore breezes dance always assures me that any one of these burly Bermuda shorts fellows waiting impatiently with their burly wives for the Sea Fox to weigh its anchor or the Jersey Lady to cast off, could just as well be me, heading out after monkfish off Mantoloking or Deauville I count 14 proper nouns, only one of which means anything to me, plus another four specificity boosting adjectives of similar effect I wonder how many readers were elucidated by that reference to Sea Girt druggists, or elsewhere by references to hair orchestrated Loretta Lynn style and fake Andrew Wyeth barnboard signs.The above is taken from p78 which is precisely the point where Mr Ford and I parted company.

  2. Angel N Angel N says:

    No doubt in my mind that Richard Ford is a great writer My problem with this book was that it was so discursive, it was hard to keep up my enthusiasm not to mention a grip on the story It may be that if one had the time to read this all in one go, that second problem would go away There are nuggets of brilliance here and the overall theme is interesting and well examined, but I hope his later novels are disciplined.

  3. San San says:

    This was a gift for my son in law He found it difficult to get into the story at first, finding it slow moving and rather tedious, but once over that hurdle described it as a great read.

  4. MOTOT MOTOT says:


  5. Carolus Carolus says:

    Very much enjoyed it for first half but far too long.

  6. Customer Customer says:

    Very good read.

  7. Antonio Soncina Antonio Soncina says:

    Dopo un inizio promettente, il protagonista non riuscito a scrivere un romanzo e ha ripiegato prima sull insegnamento, poi le cronache sportive Il perno attorno a cui ruota la narrazione la mancanza di motivazioni per proseguire la passione per la scrittura, tenere insieme un matrimonio, continuare una vita dopo la perdita di un figlio, intraprendere una nuova relazione sentimentale L esistenza di Frank si trascina senza particolare entusiasmo, analogamente alla sua ex moglie, un membro dell informale Club degli scapoli di cui Frank sembra far parte, e uno sportivo reso paraplegico da un incidente.L autore ci fa viaggiare continuamente in aereo, treno o auto perch sembra che il miglior modo per sopravvivere sia il non stare mai fermi come nel succitato romanzo di Jay McInerney ma senza lo sballo frenetico Ford ci fa sedere accanto le manie statunitensi dell ultimo mezzo secolo, tra cataloghi come divertissement e veggenti come psicoterapeuti Il viaggio principale, comunque, fornito dalle riflessioni del protagonista, di cui l autore si serve per esprimere due logiche opposte Frank, infatti, non rivela mai a voce alta i propri pensieri ma preferisce mentire, forse perch non pi motivato a essere sincero.

  8. Christiane Christiane says:

    I d been dithering for ages whether to buy this book or not I should have listened to my doubts.It s not that Frank Bascombe never has any interesting thoughts, he does, but they are few and far between in his pointless ramblings.

  9. J. P. Fuller J. P. Fuller says:

    Pointless, dated and boring I am not sure whether it is a narrative device to write with an emotionless, flat, and unsympathetic authorial voice but it makes the reader feel detached from the book and it s characters from the beginning One of those great American novels that really are not great.

  10. Smudger Smudger says:

    A difficult read and a story I can t identify with at all I could easily have abandoned it at any item, even in the last chapter because it did t grab me

  11. Mr. A. V. Ward Mr. A. V. Ward says:

    This was an unwelcome recommendation Perhaps, if you are in a similar place as the directionless protagonist, this depressing and melancholic tale will have some resonance For me, however, simply finishing this slow and over long novel was a difficult struggle from which I gained no new insights or perspectives, in strong contrast to, say, those which flow from the pens of Yates, Updike and Roth The novels lack of wit is exemplified by the wooden dialogue and inability to evoke either character or place.

  12. lesharris lesharris says:

    I bought this book after hearing a fairly favourable review on the radio, although, to be fair, the review panel was not unanimous in its praise The story if one can call it that is about a man who has written one successful book but has given this up and become a sportwriter He has recently lost a son and subsequently divorced The tale all takes place over one weekend that, allegedly, changes his life but it is difficult to see how Although one can feel sympathy and some empathy for his situation, the central character is not at all engaging and the book largely comprises a collection of self indulgent ramblings of someone who is neither interesting nor very intelligent It also spends much time focussing on events, places and people with which a non American will probably not be familiar and will not be interested Overall, therefore, a disappointing and boring read, and certainly not great literature.

  13. Danielle Esposito Danielle Esposito says:

    Je ne comprends pas l engouement provoqu par la trilogie de Robert Ford aux USA J ai eu bien du mal finir le premier tome, the Sportswriter, ne voyant pas ce qui pouvait tre int ressant chez le personnage versatile et incons quent dont on partage le courant de pens e Je suis en train d essayer de lire le second, Independence Day, parce qu on me l a offert On suit toujours le m me personnage lors de l interminable week end du 4 juillet Interminable parce qu une accumulation de d tails, de r f rences des lieux g ographiques tels que la route A38 ou le quartier machin chose ou des objets d sign s seulement par un nom de marque m exasp re Interminable parce que le sort du personnage principal et narrateur ne m int resse toujours pas Ce roman a eu le prix Pulitzer Ca me laisse perplexe Je crois que je ne le finirai pas, ce qui ne m arrive quasiment jamais.

  14. bighorsehill bighorsehill says:

    I am having difficulty with this book and have not read very far in to it I am finding the story weak and have no sympathy with the main character I shall go back to it in time.

  15. Evered Evered says:

    Couldn.t wait to finish it for the wrong reasons.