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Two people An unforgettable moment One extraordinary love storyIn Chicago, Illinois, two people are about to lock eyes across a crowded dance floor The following moment will spark the love story of a lifetimeThe year isand America has just entered the war Young men and women are being drafted in to fight with their allies on Europes distant shores Throughout America, sweethearts are saying their last goodbyesLiz Stephens is already betrothed to budding US politician Dalton Harris, but when she meets GI Morgan McClain, she feels an instant and intense connection But then he dances with her flirtatious best friend Betty and Liz is left feeling like just another soldiers fancyBetty is mesmerized by Morgan and begs Liz to write letters for her to post to him overseas Liz reluctantly agrees, in the end anxious to retain a connection to him As the last searing days of World War II loom, a correspondence begins that will alter the course of their lives forever

15 thoughts on “Letters From Home (English Edition)

  1. Customer Customer says:

    Enjoyed the story line Very pleasant book Will read from this author.Just my kind of story nothing too sloppy.

  2. Dee Dee says:

    Perfect story for me and to others who remember the stories of war A great loving read Brings back memories.

  3. Susie Grey Susie Grey says:

    This book starts poorly with very little description or background given regarding the 3 main characters However, half way through the book a story starts to develop which i found very moving and finally could say i enjoyed the book.

  4. Hannah K. Hannah K. says:

    Well written book Good holiday read I was a bit dissapointed with the end as left wondering what happened to the other characters in the book.

  5. Tina Martin Tina Martin says:

    I really enjoyed this book it has a bit of everything Just when you think you know where it s going it takes a different turn.

  6. Deese Deese says:

    Interesting and entertaining

  7. Mrs M. Mrs M. says:

    Enjoyable read.

  8. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Get your box of tissues ready This is an awesome book I loved it from beginning to end The story is a little convoluted than the description gave It s not just a story about Liz and Morgan Although they are the main characters, Liz s roommates Betty the original one supposed to write Morgan and Julia are very pivotal as well All of the characters are rich From the 3 roommates to the Army soldiers to even a couple of older ladies This is a clean romance Sex is intimated in one scene but it s very clean This is a book you ll want to keep, and reread over and over The history is what I love the most You can actually imagine being there It s funny, it s sweet and boy is it a tear jerker Lol I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

  9. Terri Chalmers Terri Chalmers says:

    What a lovely book Set in 1944 1945, this book follows three roommates who live in Chicago as they deal with the war Liz is in college and plans to be a literature professor like her father She is in a steady relationship with Dalton who she grew up with Julia is in design school and is engaged to Christian, a sailor who has already deployed Betty works as a waitress and sings parttime at USO dances.One night, Julia convinces Liz to join her at a USO dance where Betty is singing There they meet Morgan McClain and his younger brother, Charlie Morgan and Charlie are being deployed the next day Charlie begs Julia for a dance and Morgan, who is shyer, is content to sit and talk with Liz.When a drunk sailor aggressively hits on Betty, Betty seizes onto Morgan and claims she s his fiance Misunderstanding the situation, Liz, who had been in the restroom during the incident, leaves The next day, Betty begs Liz to help her write to Morgan, thinking that he s a nice, decent guy who may be husband material However, Betty has to rush off to work and Liz writes Betty s letter for her, beginning a heartwarming correspondence between Morgan and Betty aka Liz.The book tells the story of each woman s life and the choices they make It also gives us a very realistic look at Morgan and Charlie s life on the battlefront.I enjoyed the book immensely My only complaint is that none of the stories had complete closure.

  10. Jane Jane says:

    I always read a scattering of reviews before deciding on a book and I usually start with the 1 stars first there was only one of those and why do you buy this book when you don t like Romantic World War II historical novels and then the 2 stars I think 10 When I got to the 3 stars they were all saying that the book was good so I decided this was a good one I still do not understand their criticisms of the book but everyone to their own opinion It was a World War II historical novel, which I enjoy reading but this one was told mainly from the point of view of three young ladies in Chicago I was hooked from the first page The letters were beautiful to and from Liz and Morgan but the stories of Betty and Julia were equally poignant I read the book in about a day and a half I couldn t put it down I definitely recommend this book.

  11. faithquilter faithquilter says:

    This book held my attention from the beginning It follows the stories of three young women, all who are unknowingly on a road of self discovery Is the USO singer solely dependent upon her looks and charm to get ahead Is the devoted fianc e making the right choices Is the girl living her life in an attempt to please her unreachable father ever going to live up to his expectations As WWII continues and draws to a close, their lives play out differently from their plans.The author tells a believable tale as she weaves together each roommate s story I will be looking for books by this author.


    This book touched me on so many different levels, engaging all of my emotions It is a tender love story, but also a story of wartime, set amid the horrors, sadness, and devastation of WWII Liz Stephens attends a USO show with her roommate, Julia, to hear that other roommate, Betty, sing Although Liz is set to marry her childhood sweetheart, she can t deny her feelings and instant connection with Morgan, who is about to ship out with his brother, Charlie Later that night, she misconstrues a dance between Morgan and the blonde and beautiful Betty When Betty asks for Liz s assistance to write a letter to Morgan, she reluctantly agrees, beginning a chain of letters between Morgan and Betty letters that help Morgan cope with the brutality of war, while Liz struggles with her growing feelings for Morgan, and her worry about how he ll react to her deception Meanwhile, Julia and Betty have to make heart wrenching choices of their own, as their own hearts are affected by wartime It is the letters between Morgan and Liz that are the heart of this story, beautiful, soul baring words exchanged between a soldier and the girl back home.

  13. MichelleBookAddict MichelleBookAddict says:

    4.5 stars and favorite I was surprised at how much I liked this The beginning was a little slow But once I got the feel of the 4 characters giving their points of view, it went faster I really liked all the characters too Morgan was my favorite.This is a realistic historical fiction set in 1944 It focuses on Liz, Betty, Julia, and Morgan It shows the realities they faded during the war And this did have some romance too And a little bit of a hint of some sex scenes But it was all done tastefully and keeping with the characters and the story.I really liked this book And I m looking forward to trying some by this author.Please forgive me, Morgan pleaded, eyes raised upward It was then, in the numbing silence, when he finally dared wonder Were prayers of murderers, when fighting on the right side of the war, ever heard let alone answered MorganAnd I m heading out, girls Either one of you want to join me and Dot for a triple feature The Tivoli s playing Cover Girl again Ah, yes Hollywood s cure all for the perpetually glum A perfect example of why talkies weren t always better than the silent pictures At least in Casablanca the tragic ending was scripted out of realism, and the stars didn t belt out lines in melodramatic show tunes.From Letters From Home by Kristina McMorris

  14. Janice K Hurst Janice K Hurst says:

    I have never been a fan of war time love stories This was different I like the friendship of the three women trying to find themselves during a terrible time in our history And the young boys sent into bloody battles straight from the farm A good read.

  15. ErinandJasonMyrick ErinandJasonMyrick says:

    From the first chapter I was hooked the characters are flawed and believable, and I felt every joy and sadness right along with each of them The war sequences were absolutely gripping You felt the fear right along with the characters, felt their desperation and loneliness For the last few chapters, I was so riveted I couldn t sleep before I finished Thank you, Kristina McMorris, for such a sweet and gripping story