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De Bernieres brilliantly evokes the red heat of Australian summers Heat lifts off the pages turning them is like opening furnace doors Spectator When I finished the final chapter I immediately extended a sought after invitation to my dog to spend the night on the bed Observer Contains some of his best writing Sunday Times It s a novel that will appeal to everyone whether they re dog lovers or not Daily ExpressThe enchanting story of a very remarkable dog from the author of the bestselling Captain Corelli s MandolinIn earlyI went to Perth in Western Australia in order to attend the literature festival, and part of the arrangement was that I should go to Karratha to do their first ever literary dinner Karratha is a mining town a long way further north The landscape is extraordinary, being composed of vast heaps of dark red earth and rock poking out of the never ending bush I imagine that Mars must have a similar feel to it I went exploring and discovered the bronze statue to Red Dog outside the town of Dampier I felt straight away that I had to find outabout this splendid dog A few months later I returned to Western Australia and spent two glorious weeks driving around collecting Red Dog stories and visiting the places that he knew, writing up the text as I went along I hope my cat never finds out that I have written a story to celebrate the life of a dog Louis de BerniresIf you love Australia it will have you aching for the scent of gums and sight of the Southern Cross, while if you love dogs it is sure to make you highly indulgent towards the one you love Observer