Rules of the Game (English Edition) Prime –

Excellent I really love Nora Roberts books so give them all a try Some are fab The Search, Rivers End, Public Secrets and but I am not so keen on the books written specifically for the romance market Since everyone likes different types of book this is not really a critisism I just think this one was written for that market and does not hold my attention like many of the others have If you re a major fan of Nora Roberts you will probably enjoy it, if you are a keen romance fan then this is probably for you. Great read As a baseball fan I was totally immersed in this story, fast moving and very believable I loved the energy always a good read love A story of stubborn wills and impassioned hearts fromNew York Times bestselling author Nora RobertsTelevision director Brooke Gordon thinks that baseball player Parks Jones is an insufferable cad with an inflated ego Unfortunately, hes also brilliant and her clients spokesman Brooke is determined to ignore the intense attraction she feels while directing Parks in a commercial But Parks is willing to break a few rules to convince Brooke that love isnt just a game to him It means foreverA NORA ROBTERS CLASSIC AVAILABLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME The book is as expected, great fantastic, as always I would recommend this book it is well written as Nora books always are It had me from the beginning of it I could relate to the characters, it was great