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The complete Farseer Trilogy by international bestselling author Robin HobbIn todays crowded fantasy market Robin Hobbs books are like diamonds in a sea of zircons George R R MartinThe kingdom of the Six Duchies is on the brink of civil war when news breaks that the crown prince has fathered a bastard son and is shamed into abdication The childs name is Fitz, and he is despisedRaised in the castle stables, only the company of the kings fool, the ragged children of the lower city and his unusual affinity with animals provide Fitz with any comfortTo be useful to the crown, Fitz is trained as an assassin and to use the traditional magic of the Farseer family But his tutor, allied to another political faction, is determined to discredit, even kill him Fitz must survive for he may be destined to save the kingdomEnter the extraordinary world of Robin Hobbs magnificent Farseer TrilogyThis bundle includes Assassins Apprentice book one , Royal Assassin book two and Assassins Quest book three

15 thoughts on “The Complete Farseer Trilogy: Assassin’s Apprentice, Royal Assassin, Assassin’s Quest (English Edition)

  1. Darnico Darnico says:

    I wish I was able to put into words as eloquently as the author how much I loved this series.I m not an avid reader of books and can count on my hands the number of books I have read in the 30 years since I left school.However, this series gripped me and had me happily forgoing sleep in preference to just read one chapter right up until I was able to complete it.The story forced me through every emotion I can think of and left me wanting .Thank you Robin Hobb so very, very much.

  2. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I LOVED these books, read the Farseer trilogy and the Tawny man trilogy in two weeks, I couldn t put it down Real people , with recognisable reactions , who suffer when they make mistakes, or are betrayed The format is the standard hero in a medieval world with period clothes and primitive weapons, there are even dragons and pirates but that clich doesn t matter because the characters are so easy to recognise, good or bad you ll read a character you ll recognise, and find someone you want to survive the book Other reviewers have summarised the plot but I want to add that even if you prefer animals to people there s a hero wolf, and the bravery, sacrifice and savagery come from men and women equally I was almost at the end of the last book before it occurred to me that there was a parallel to modern discrimination and victimisation of minorities, it is so well written I found it comfortable to read you don t have to keep flipping back to check who a character is or was and the author gives reminders in each book of the significant major events in the characters lives I can t fault the dialogue, and the interplay of characters was very understandable.I ll admit I hated GoT, both book and on TV, but I would recommend these books to anyone who enjoys epic fantasy, I ve now bought everything else she s written, I m hooked.

  3. Molly-Valentino Molly-Valentino says:

    Slow to start but second book in and still absolutly loving this Robin Hobb is the classiest writer Ive come across I started by reading the first of her Liveships trilogy as a freebie from and was hooked Id never read a fantasy novel before but Hobb is FANTASTIC Even though this is the first of her novels, don t worry if you have read Liveships first, this is still wonderful Detailed, emotional, gripping, rounded characters, smart, Its one hell of a trilogy, but the pages turn so easily Highly recommended

  4. Jade D Jade D says:

    I have read thousands of books, including many classic fantasy novels from the likes of David Gemmel, Terry Pratchett, CS Lewis, Tolkein, Anne McCaffery you get the picture I have only just discovered Robin Hobb My loss until now I got the Farseer trilogy on Kindle quite cheaply thank you and began reading I couldn t put it down Robin Hobb is a real storyteller in the true sense of the word She spins a tale about a medieval world where Royalty has the Skill a sort of mind power that can influence people and events This trilogy centres on FitzChivalry, the illegitimate son of a prince who chooses to abdicate the rights to the crown Fitz has the Skill but doesn t know it and also the Wit a kind of beast magic that allows him to empathise and mind speak to animals In the course of the books he forms a very strong bond with a wolf The Six Duchies form the landscape for the tale which has many twists and turns, piracy, forging like zombification , intrigue, sibling rivalry, mythical references, and a maelstrom of interesting characters that appear at various times throughout This was an early work by Robin Hobb Check out her website for other books You will not be disappointed

  5. Marie Marie says:

    The first book is great and really gets you involved in the charachters The second recaps too many times almost as if it needed padding out The third book gets back into stride and gripped me to the end when it Fitzed out pun intended I also had a problem with the lack of faith with the liveship dragons quest series Maybe it s the reverse and they dont keep faith with this story but I prefer the version where the dragons are as butterflies to the serpent s cacoon and not made of stone and magic The story of the Fitz should continue maybe it does and I haven t read that story yet.

  6. Fergus Bone Fergus Bone says:

    This trilogy is something absolutely fantastic From the story to the characters, the writing style to the messages, everything fits together into one beautiful trilogy.As we see it from the first person perspective of the main character we get to know each of the characters on a near personal level, however there is plenty of room for the reader to make up their own mind The writing style is very different to what you usually see in books as it is written in an almost archaic style It isn t difficult to read and it sets the scene for the reader and envelopes them in the world It also makes sense as it is being told by the main character who would normally speak that way.The next few paragraphs contain a few spoilers from the books, including a few key ones If you wish to not see them please skip to the last paragraph.The story itself will almost definitely grab you and pull you in, especially if fantasy is your thing Whilst the first book did set up a lot of the themes for the following books, in retrospect it seems slightly slow Despite this many points in it are interesting, especially the Wit As we find out in the later books the Wit is something most people despise, and the main character tries his best to keep it to himself It plays a large part in his discoveries, including the horrifying finding of the forged men and women The ending to the book is nice as we see everyone live happily ever after, but I found it to be almost unrealistic in the sense that it and call me a sadist if you have to was too nice.However, the second book picks up nicely from where the first one ended The plot is far interesting as we already know the world and the story of the last book We are also introduced to many beloved characters This book swings right back from the first and draws the reader right into the action So many things happen, and all of them fit together like a perfect jigsaw The ending is also by far one of my favourite parts of the book as, unlike the previous ending, we see everything go wrong However, despite all that has happened to the main character and the Six Duchies we still see a glimmer of hope in a final chapter that wraps it up finely and gets the reader hyped for the next book.The final book is a slight oddity Whereas the first two were heavily set with the main character serving the King and surrounded by many characters in this one we see him go out with only one friend Whilst the first few chapters seem a bit slow the plot quickly picks up and whisks along So many things happen We see new characters introduced, new abilities found in others, ends from the previous books tied together, and many, many scenes which tug at the heartstrings of the reader The ending finally wraps up everything from all the books, and we finally get to see what the main character has been doing.I can definitely recommend this trilogy as it is by far one of my favourites The plot, characters and setting will always make you want to read on, and even though there are some slow parts they are easily forgiven by the action and the characters The world created by Robin Hobb is truly fantastic The writing style of this trilogy and the following one is beautiful I can not find enough compliments for this trilogy From the action to the characters to the plot and the final few moments, I recommend it all.

  7. jameshugh jameshugh says:

    I have become a real fan of Robin Hobb s books So far I have got through 12 of them and am impatiently awaiting Assassin Fate to be published at the beginning of May.A word of warning though I would not advise purchasing a single book unless this is your first Robin Hobb, and you want to see whether you like her writing as the set of 3 or 4 books in the series only make sense if you read all of them Well worth it in my opinion and each of them are long books so excellent value.If you look at some of the other reviews you will see that there are recommendations as to which order to read the sets in, as all the ones I have read are interlinked, and it is nice to see previous characters making a reappearance.

  8. Jackie Jackie says:

    Initially, I found the books to be compulsive reading By the time I was part way through the third book the story had become too slow for me I was determined to read to the end to know the fate of the characters but I had lost some interest by then.

  9. Alan Alan says:

    I love trilogies It gives the author time and scope to develop characters and scenarios and it gives me the time to grow to love and hate heroes and villains However, once I start to read a trilogy, I like to know that I can read it to the end without having to wait 12 months for the next book.So I was browsing around my chosen genre looking for something to download to my Kindle for an upcoming holiday read fest I d seen Robin Hobb books before and, for some reason, moved on to something else But this time I thought I would have a look I was going to choose another series by Robin but after looking at a review in which the reader said he should have started with The Farseer Trilogy, that s what I decided to do and downloaded all three.I m so glad I did I ve still to finish Book 2 and it s one of those stories you can t wait to see how it all works out yet, at the same time, don t want it to end I m looking forward to finishing it and then moving on to the next series.Well done, Robin Hobb There is also enough grammatical correctness in her writing to satisfy the pedant in me.

  10. Fred Irvine Fred Irvine says:

    The Fraser trilogy is very lengthy particularly the third book but very rewarding An epic adventure that is hugely imaginative, filled with wonderful characters both good and bad and with a very thought provoking finish.

  11. Emma Hopewell Emma Hopewell says:

    Robin Hobb s writing style is absolutely mesmerising I first bought this trilogy about nine years ago, and have read the paperbacks until they fell apart I have now bought the Kindle version to replace my battered books I recently found out that Robin is currently writing a further series about Fitz and the Fool and I couldn t be happier I have all of her Farseer, Liveship and Dragon Keeper books They can all be read as mini series in their own rights, but also fit in with each other so well Long may she continue to write.

  12. F R F R says:

    A great read I could hardly put it down, though I did slow up a bit in the third book This book describes a tortuous journey and I began to feel caught up in it, wondering when the plot would move on a bit, but you could argue that was the whole point of it Still, for me, it didn t have quite the pace of the other two, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it

  13. John Battle John Battle says:

    This book gives you everything you want from epic fantasy a rich new world, a unique magic system, and characters that live on in your mind, plus you have Hobbs great storytelling Highly recommended.

  14. MRS H. MRS H. says:

    Have been reading Robin Hobb s books for a while and they are totally addictive.

  15. Kysumu Kysumu says:

    I only discovered Robin Hobb in the last year and am now devouring her books like a starving man What a brilliant collection of beautifully written and totally absorbing stories A true master of the craft and up there with such legends as Tolkien and Gemmel Can t wait to start the next collection