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Make sure you are not feeling very sad before you start reading this novel or you will get depressed God, it is a hard story It makes you reflect a lot, but it also makes you feel miserable when you reach the end. we need to Traduction en franais exemples anglaisTraductions en contexte de we need to en anglais franais avec Reverso Context we need to talk, we need to find, we need to make, we need to know, we need to take we need to Traduction en franais dictionnaire Linguee We humans need heroes, peut tre de fixer les limites suprieures sur nos propres objectifs et aspirations personnels aboutgolf aboutgolf Jede Art von Need We Will die beste Option zu suchen hjapon hjapon Tout type de besoin, nous chercherons la meilleure option hjapon hjapon We stress the need there is to act at all levels of educational systemswe need to do Traduction en franais exemples anglaisWhat we need to do is stop the rhetoric and stop the potential of this tremendous violence Ce que nous devons faire, c est mettre un terme aux grands discours et liminer le risque d une norme violence What we need to do is empower the consumer Ce qu il faut faire, c est donner de l initiative au consommateur That is exactly what we need to do Voil exactement ce que nous devons fairewe need to get Traduction franaise Linguee We need to know what we are going to forward to the COP and COP MOP before we get to Cancun, remarked one delegate, we have to learn from the chaos of Copenhagen iisd iisd Nous avons besoin de savoir ce que nous allons transmettre la CdP et CdP RdP avant d arriver Cancun , a soulign un dlgu, nous devons tirer des leons du chaos de Copenhague iisdwe need you to Traduction franaise Linguee We need you, Ladies and Gentlemen, but not just to implement the EU strategy we also need you to make businesses understand that it is essential europa Nous a vons besoin d e vous, Mes dam es et m essieurs, non seulement pour traduire dans les faits la strat g ie de l UE , mais galement pour convaincre les entr ep rise s de s a ncessit we need Traduction franaise Linguee We need to get tough on drug dealers and drug producers by supporting police, law enforcement, and first responders parlgc Il faut svir contre les trafiquants et contre les fabricants en appuyant la police, le s organismes d application de la loi et les premiers intervenants that we need to be Traduction en franais exemplesThis means that we need to be muchsparing when changing and revising the guidelines Cela signifie que nous devons tre beaucoup plus modrs lorsque nous modifions et rvisons les lignes directrices I also believe that we need to be ambitious Je pense aussi que nous devons faire preuve d ambition I believe that we need to be consistent on two points Je considre que nous devonswe need to Traduzione in italiano esempi ingleseTraduzioni in contesto per we need to in inglese italiano da Reverso Context we need to talk, we need to find, we need to know, we need to make, we need to take we would need Traduction franaise Linguee If we treat them like second class citizens, I wonder what we would need to do to treat them like first class citizens parlgc Si on les traite comme des clients de deuxime classe, je me demande ce qu il faudrait faire pour leur donner un statut de premire classe To need ses emplois anglais To need ses emplois cours We need some rest Savoir utiliser To need Employer le verbe To need To need complment d objet avoir besoin de vouloir To do my homework I need my book Pour faire mes devoirs, j ai besoin de mon livre Lucile needs some patience to correct my work Lucile a besoin de patience pour corriger mon travail To need Verbe en ing must ought to be Impactante Basado en una historia real es un drama sobrecogedor No busqu is informaci n antes de leer el libro que lo arruin is. Speaks in riddles hard to read I ve watched the film so managed to follow the book but there are so many complicated sentences which make no sense I was disappointed. The writer has an original point, the end is easy and hard to guess at the same time Not the best format in my opinion letters though. Un libro espectacular Aunque el final es previsible, casi anunciado, te mantiene siempre en vilo De lo mejor que he le do en mucho tiempo. LLego perfecto Es todo lo que esperaba Un buen libro de lengua extranjera asequible para lectores con un nivel avanzado Totalmente recomendable I am now entering my sixth decade and I m aware that there s a lot of books I haven t yet read which I need to be getting on with So why did I just read this for the fourth time It isn t a great liking for Ms Shriver s writing I rushed to read of her work after I first read this one and stopped after two not that they were bad, but I expected great, and they weren t that I wouldn t say that I enjoyed Kevin , but I found the book remarkable and unique, and the feeling of profound unease with which it left me has never quite gone away.Shriver raises questions about responsibility, about parenting and about good and evil, and makes the reader feel that there are answers, but we re just not getting them So, I read the book every couple of years and I don t get any closer Sometimes I identify with the mother, always I m irritated by the father, never do I find the linchpin where disaster could have been averted.At the first reading I was teaching disturbed disturbing adolescents Now I have a difficult teenage son There has to be a linchpin doesn t there Poor Franklin No wonder he never wrote back Poor, poor Kevin and oh, his poor, hapless victims I think Eva must be one of the most objectionable characters I ve ever encountered in a novel Her odious, tedious, self serving, whingeing fluency tells the reader in a page why a she is estranged from her husband and b her child went off the rails Just ask yourself, what kind of person would write such hugely detailed, lengthy letters every few days to his her wife husband, relating things the partner had first hand knowledge of right down to speech marks, and what the partner him herself said and did Such a person would drive the recipient of said letters to utter distraction if indeed Franklin did not simply bin them he never responds Perhaps the most infuriating trait displayed by Eva is her wild and ceaseless quest for Franklin s attention to her intellect, the hyperintuition that she believes herself the possessor of It is like reading Antonia Byatt on speed