Free Best Earth Awakens: Book 3 of the First Formic War (English Edition)Author Orson Scott Card –

A standout tale of SF adventure that gives Ender series fans fascinating backstory to the classic Enders Game Library Journal on Earth UnawareTIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR HUMANITYIt is one hundred years before the events of Enders Game Tens of millions are dead in China as the invading Formics scour the landscape and gas cities with a lethal alien chemical Young Mazer Rackham and the Mobile Operations Police scramble to find a counteragent, while asteroid miner Victor Delgado infiltrates the alien ship in near Earth orbit Victor needs to find a way to seize the ship and end the war, but hell need a small strike force of highly skilled soldiers to pull it off In this last ditch effort to save whats left of humanity, Mazer Rackham and his team may be just the men for the jobThe thrilling final novel in the First Formic War series, following Earth Unaware and Earth AfireBooks by Orson Scott Card Alvin Maker novels Seventh Son Red Prophet Prentice Alvin Alvin Journeyman Heartfire The Crystal CityEnder Wiggin Saga Enders Game Speaker for the Dead Xenocide Children of the Mind Ender in Exile Homecoming The Memory of the Earth The Call of the Earth The Ships of the Earth Earthfall EarthbornFirst Formic War with Aaron Johnston Earth Unaware Earth Afire Earth Awakens