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The second in the sexy, heartwarming Animal Magnetism series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Cedar Ridge and Lucky Harbor series Fans of Bella Andre, Robyn Carr and Rachel Gibson will adore these romances with Jills irresistible combination of humour and romanceSunshine, Idaho, is the perfect place to give injured animals a refugeor to find one Veterinarian Dell Connelly suspects theres a reason his clinics uber efficient receptionist has taken shelter here Jade Bennett couldnt be happier to escape the big city jungle to work with injured animalsand enjoy the gorgeous views of her ruggedly sexy boss Jade is used to planning everything in her life, but Dells seductive, alluring ways have sparked an uncontrollable desire And though Dell has never had time for love, Jades strength and sass is the kind of call no red blooded male can resistWant sexy, fun romance Return to Sunshine, Idaho for of the captivating Animal Magnetism series, visit spellbinding Lucky Harbor or take a trip to Cedar Ridges unforgettable Colorado Mountains in Jills other bestselling series

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  1. MF MF says:

    Overall , this was heavy on sex and light on character There were glimpses of what drove Dell other then physical attraction but they were agonisingly slow in coming Jade was snarky, sarcastic and soft in the middle, like the best of chocolates but I didn t find her as funny and warm as Lilah from book one of the series, who still made me chuckle in this book when she got up and busy in Jade s life.Liked this one, but not loving it.

  2. Probys girl Probys girl says:

    As always, jill Shalvis never I fell in love with the characters from the first book and never looked back I m very glad i ordered them all at once, asd i dont think i would have had the patience to wait for them otherwise.

  3. Mrs Anne Welford Mrs Anne Welford says:

    Love all jill shalvis books.2nd set of her books I m in process of reading have already read lucky harbour set.brilliant stories.

  4. Mr A M Kirkby & Mrs J Kirkby Mr A M Kirkby & Mrs J Kirkby says:

    Great series, much better enjoyed to read in order As always from Jill s books, funny,engaging escapism I would recommend any of her books, haven t read one yet I didn t enjoy.

  5. sandra brady sandra brady says:

    Very good read

  6. Customer Customer says:

    great loved it

  7. Cara Cara says:

    I love all the books in this series They female characters are hillarious and strong.

  8. CLAIRE CLAIRE says:

    Not my favorite of the Animal Magnetism books but still a very nice book.I prefered the firts of the series.

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  10. jspence jspence says:

    I have to admit that I am about 2 3 thru and just don t think I can finish Jade is supposed to be a super efficient OCD strong reliableyou get the idea and this completely conflicts with the little scared mouse who was the victim of a violent act A person with these personality traits would take it upon themselves to make sure they were never a victim again not hide for 18 months and then get scared from a kid in a costume While it is true that one never knows how they will react in an emergency or random act of violence what happens after is just as important When you team this with the fact that the H was some kind of hornytoad, out with a different woman almost everynight you might as well be on the bachelor sharing with all the others Sorry, but eewwww This turned out not to be for me I can t stand characters that are simpering.

  11. D - Guilty Pleasures BR D - Guilty Pleasures BR says:

    One thing about Jill Shalvis books is she brings the characters to life from the moment you first meet them In Animal Magnetism bk 1 , we meet Jade, the well dressed but private, spreadsheet addicted, office assistant organizer book keeper of Dell s large animal clinic I was intrigued by Jade, I really wanted to know her story, it was obvious she was hiding a hurt or something Dell, the easy going, fun loving, unorganized, laid back animal loving ALPHA, who doesn t do relationshipsPERIOD, he never lets a woman leave him, he leaves first A match made in heaven..NOT For 18 months Jade and Dell have ignored the chemistry and attraction sizzling between them Jade because Dell doesn t do relationships and her stay in Sunshine has always been temporary, she is there to heal from an experience she had at home in Chicago She plans to return to Chicago as soon as she is healed to help with her family business Dell has good bye issues, mostly because of time spent in foster homes, he has love em and leave em down pat BUT there is something about Jade that calls to him, but he refuses to give in because he knows she s leaving The tit for tat flirtatious banter between Jade and Dell is some of the funniest I ve read Jade has a dry, quick wit reminds me of me and Dell doesn t know how to handle a woman who doesn t fall for his sexy charm I have to say, I did cry for Dell, he has some demons to work through and when he s ready, the person he needs hasn t figured out what she is doing with her life, my heart broke with his every time he tried to get Jade to see there was a place for her with him.In book one, Animal Magnetism, I loved the camaraderie of Dell, Adam and Brady Three big, sexy men who give each other hell, but you can tell they have an unbreakable bond and love each other I am so glad we got to see of it in AA Added into the guys banter was Lilah, she is still giving them hell and trying to play matchmaker between Dell and Jade.Animal Attraction is a fun, steamy, emotional read with an engaging cast of characters I loved both the H h, the secondary cast is funny, loving and meddling AND we get animals that come close to stealing the spotlight from the H h, Peanut the parrot, Gertie the St Bernard and Bones the abandoned kitten ABSOLUTELY adorable I love the way JS includes the animals in this series, I could vividly see each of their personalities.NOW to wait for Adam s story, I have a feeling his is going to be even emotional, along with being a funny and HOT one I also wonder.will we see of Sam, Jade s cousin check out of my reviews atbookpimps dot comandnaughtycougartales dot com

  12. K. M. Martin K. M. Martin says:

    This was another great romance by Shalvis I liked the attraction between the two main characters and understood why they were conflicted Jade had made a promise that she would return home She has put it off a number of times because she still isn t over the trauma that sent her running to Sunshine, Idaho in the first place She was attacked at her family s medical center and felt that she didn t do anything to save herself Her family had always told her that she was strong but this incident destroyed her confidence in herself She has been rebuilding her confidence in Sunshine with the help of Dell and the other characters.Dell was great with animals and had an intuitive feel for what they needed but he was very careful with his heart As many of the characters said, Dell has abandonment issues First his mother walked out, then his father died, then a beloved foster parent dies That is enough to make anyone careful But he sees that Jade needs her confidence boosted and can t help but care for her He doesn t want to risk his heart because she has said again and again that her stay in Sunshine is a temporary one.But the romance can t be denied When Dell offers Jade self defense lessons, they begin to get closer They go into the relationship thinking it will be short term In fact, they are both deluding themselves that they can be together for a while and then part This self delusion is really apparent to the other characters in the story and to us as readers.I really liked the cute animal characters in this story too Jade adopts a wary stray kitten that she names Beans The vet office has a parrot named Peanut who won t say Peanut wants a cracker even though Jade tries to convince it to do so However it quickly picks up boner and a few other embarrassing phrases Dell also has a large lovable dog named Gertie who spends time at the office too.This was a fun, sweet and sexy romance filled with likable characters It is a great story if you are looking for a feel good romance.

  13. NancyW NancyW says:

    ANIMAL ATTRACTION is the second book in the Animal Magnetism series with Animal Magnetism being the first book A mix of humor, sexual tension feeling, and a happily ever after story.Jade is the receptionist that we got to know a little in the first book, but did not really get to know until her story was told here Her happily ever after hero Dell There is quick banter, tender moments and sexual tension that was a continuation from the first book.Jade came to Sunshine, Idaho for one reason to escape a horrifying experience she endured back in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois Guilt and fear pushed Jade to run away from her friends, family, job and her past Seeing her existence in Sunshine was only to be temporary, that is, until she regained the strength that she was told she had, but lost As her time being the receptionist to Dr Dell, his brother Adam, and confidant to the shelter owner, Lilah, was coming to an end she gets a small reminder of why she left Chicago when she faces someone in the dark parking lot of the vet office All it took was for Dell to see the terror on her face to do what he can to help Jade regain her strength.Dell really cared for Jade She made things run smoothly in his life, but with her inability to share things about herself to him to anyone Dell was extremely intrigued with Jade While Dell as known as a love em and leave em kind of guy Dell finally learns what it feels to be in love Sadly, it happens to be with the one woman that is getting ready to leave to go back to her old life in Chicago it was Jade Can Dell and Jade embrace the attraction as well as love for one another Would Dell be a good enough of a reason for Jade to stay in Sunshine The story was sweet and thought out We got to see what happened to Lilah and Brady since that story left room to wonder where their relationship was to go Reading about how Jade and Dell finally connected was steamy and hopeful We got to know a little about these two and it was not a disappointment The sex was steamy, the banter was sharp, and the tension was felt This was a quick read because it was hard to put the book down A solid 4 1 2 stars of story told and I would recommend the story to a friend As long as that friend is not just a fan of contemporary romance, but happens to also be an animal lover The story of the animals that pass through the doors are just as interesting as the story itself.

  14. Customer Customer says:

    I am a huge fan of Jill Shalvis and this book did not dissappoint Being an animal lover, I love this series and this second book was very enjoyable This book can be read on its own, but its best to read the first book so you can be familiar with all the characters and part of the background of the main character, vet Dell Connelly Jill Shalvis incorporates lots of humor, wit and banter among the characters It keeps her books entertaining The romance is also very touching and sensual.Story is about Dell, who is a vet and has commitment issues due to him being abandoned many times during his life by people who were supposed to love him This affects how he deals with relationships with women in his adult life He never gets too close and walks away first before the women have a chance He is loyal to his animals, to his brothers and no one else He is currently interested in his receptionist, the intriguing and mysterious Jade Jade was a girl that was very reserved, dressed like a million dollars, suffered from OCD and had an obscession with spreadsheets and lists Jade was so opposite to Dell, that soon she became indispensable to him at the office Jade harbored a secret crush towards her boss, even though she was only supposed to be working there temporarily Jade left Chicago to forget about what happened there but didn t expect to find a new life in Sunshine and new friends She soon has to go back to Chicago after running for about 18 months Can she do it Will Dell do something and prevent her from leaving Story was funny, engaging and romantic You could see how these two characters fall in love but are too stuborn to admit it, for their own reasons Loved the secondary characters, animals included It was very enjoyable and can t wait to read about Adam s story next.

  15. Tina Wheatley Tina Wheatley says:

    The second installment in this series which centers around three brothers who bonded in foster care environment is a beautiful story about two people with pasts that have impacted their ability to love and have a meaningful relationship.Dell is the town s sexy veterinarian who has all the women trying to find something wrong with their pets just to spend a little time with him He has hidden feelings for his overqualified receptionist, Jade, who has slight OCD tendencies.I loved the relationship dance between Dell and Jade Their interaction with one another was funny, witty, and sexy I often found myself anxiously awaiting for the next scene with just the two of them They were perfect for each other neither wanting to give than the other Both hiding behind the fact that Jade would be leaving soon It was fun watching Dell having the tables turn on him when Jade doesn t respond to him in the way he is used to women responding He has to pursue Jade delicately, softly, gently, like he would a wounded animal Jade suffered a traumatic event in her life that caused her to run from the life she lived She hides behind organization and spreadsheets to keep it together When Dell and Jade finally come together it was electrifying.Jill Shalvis weaves a wonderful story with believable characters She incorporates past characters, Dell s two brothers and sister in law, into the story in such a way that it fleshes out the h h You don t have to read the first book in order to enjoy this one They can each be read independently.I was emotionally engaged in this story from beginning to end I love Jill Shalvis storytelling and she definitely did not disappoint with this second installment I will be anxiously awaiting the next book with dare I say Adam He is definitely the most reserved and tightly contained of the three brothers.