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I ve had this book on my shelf since march 2016 but refused to read it because I didn t want to say goodbye to Remy and I didn t want him to ever loose I loved it watching the relationship between Reese and Maverick develope and then the relationship between maverick and Remy By the end of the book I was rooting for maverick to win but Remy will always be my number 1. Omg I can t believe this series has come to an end I m gutted This book was amazing like the rest This was just okay ish I didn t feel any connection to Reece or Maverick and I found it hard to believe that Maverick was Scorpion s son I didn t think he was old enough to have a son that age I assumed Scorpion was around the same age as Remy there was no easy flow to the story and I found myself ploughing through it just to get it finished. Amazing read hot , intense , powerful , Maverick and Reese s story is out of this world and so pure yet ferocious it takes your breath away.Absolutely loved it. Brill end to a brill series of books I took pleasure reading each one finding it hard to put them down once I started Wow, oh, wow Get me some legend Loved Katy s writing style, so easy, great characters, was great to read about the old characters too, loved it, loved it Would recommend to everyone. All I can say is Oh.My.God I absolutely couldn t wait to get this book in my hands Just the name Legend is super exciting right I have to say, it s one of the best series I ve ever read I can t say, who I loved , Remy Tate or Maverick Cage The whole book was full of them but I fell in love with Maverick the Avenger Cage For someone who wasn t trusted by anyone because of his heritage to fighter with heart in the right place.And Reese this sweet girl who takes care of Racer the son of Brook and Remy s She s been hiding her past, she is closed off and not very talkative except with her family and the Tates When they met, he s got literally nothing and wants to get in the underground fights She also doesn t have much to give Yet she has a heart of gold and helps him not get thrown out of gym he uses for his training They became friends and crave one another s attention, they fall in love.I laughed with them, I was sad with them, I loved their story hell I lived the story with them If it wasn t for my family, I wouldn t have put the book down.So I would say if you haven t read the series it s about time This book introduces a new couple Reese, Brooke s cousin, who takes care of Racer, and Maverick, a new fighter Although the focus is on these two we get some time with Brooke and Remy Remy has become an incredible man, he is not only a father to Racer but adopts M when he discovers his talent and trains with him, preparing him to eventually become his successor There is not much drama Reese fights to overcome her insecurities, Maverick s coach is an alcoholic, and there is a HEA.The fighting scenes are very realistic, the love scenes sweet, great balance.My only complaint is the short epilogue which concentrates on Reese and Maverick, I would love to know a little bit what becomes of Brooke and Remy in five years time.Otherwise a must read, not only for Remy fans.This is a standalone read. Can love really conquer all Book Six in Katy Evanss breakout New York Times bestselling series that began with REALMaverick The Avenger Cage wants to rise to the top and become a legend in the ring Though he keeps his identity well guarded, hes known on the fighting circuit as the new kid with a chip on his shoulder and a tattoo on his back that marks him as trouble Hes got a personal score to settle with the Undergrounds one and only Remington Riptide Tate As Mav trains, he meets a young girlthe only other new person in the townand sparks fly When things get heated between them, he finds out shes none other than Reese Dumas, the cousin of Remington Tates wife A girl whos supposed to root against him and a girl hes supposed to stay away from But Mav fights for the woman in his heart and the monsters in his blood The worlds eyes are on them, and the victor will go down in history as the ultimate fighting championthe ultimate LEGEND This book grabbed me from page one and refused to let go until I read the last word I knew even before finishing the first chapter that this story would undoubtedly end up becoming another instant favorite of mine.Maverick The Avenger Cage is a sexy, black hair fighter with steel gray eyes, eyes that pierces, like knives He desperately craves to fight in the Underground MMA circuit, and his future opponent is the ultimate and undefeated Champion, the ONE and ONLY Remington Riptide Tate Mav has something to prove that he is than his father who was known as a pure evil incarnate, the most despicable, and the most loathed fighter in history Mav is the son of Tate s greatest enemy Mav wants to see what he s made of, a chance to prove to himself that he s got than his father ever did Mav wants to rise to the top and become a legend in the ring.Reese Dumas is Brooke s young cousin She s a quiet, shy and beautiful girl She s constantly struggling with her self image thinking that she has a Himalayan butt She s also desperately in need to be understood and to be loved She wants to be unforgettable.The love story between Reese and Maverick was beautiful and unforgettable They were perfect together, so alike I loved how the story progressed and developed.What I love most when I read one of Katy Evan s books is the emotion you can feel through the smallest little things, a simple glance or just a kiss, you feel it deeply This author has a unique talent of completely immersing you in her world with her descriptive storytelling and enthralling words, to let you feel their every though and their every emotional struggle.This is so much than just a love story this is a story of true love, a story of human endurance, of courage, a quest for a better self, and the pursuit of happiness.Legend is the last installment of the AMAZING Real series and a must read This book will make you feel the realness of a true love story that will keep you captive until the very last word.