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A great goalie always makes the save, even when hes taken a shot to the heartMike Beacon is a champion at guarding the net, but off the ice, hes not so lucky A widower and a single father, hes never gotten over Lauren Williams, the ex who gave him the best year of his life When Lauren reappears in the Bruisers office during the play offs, Beacon sees his chance to make things right Lauren hates traveling with the team she used to manage and with the man who broke her heart Theres still undeniable sexual tension running between her and Mike, but she wont go there again Shes focused on her plans for the futureshe doesnt need a man to make her dreams of motherhood come true Lauren plays her best defensive game, but shes no match for the dark eyed goalie When the field of play moves to Florida, things heat up on the beach Only one of Mikes fans doesnt approvehis teenage daughter But a true competitor knows not to waste the perfect shot at love

10 thoughts on “Pipe Dreams (The Brooklyn Bruisers Book 3) (English Edition)

  1. Primavera Primavera says:

    I was curious about Lauren from previous book I liked her a lot strong, independent, bossy She wasn t celibate during separation She dated and had s x with OP Bravo I was curious about hero and why did he break up with her So, it was as usual dumb silly man Cruel one dumped her without any explanation and cut her off his life Hi did anyway make little grovelling But it wasn t enough for me Sarina Bowen usually doesn t disappoint me, I like her books a lot.

  2. Pol, kindle customer Pol, kindle customer says:

    My intro to the Brooklyn Bruisers was with Book 4 Brooklynaire which I really loved Only afterwards did I find out about the previous 3 books Apart from a little disappointment at getting to these lovely stories back to front, I have thoroughly enjoyed them The interaction between characters is excellently described, wonderful pieces of dialogue snippets of description so beautifully interwoven that these books are pleasure to read and reread At times I had to stop reading because of my tears hoots of laughter

  3. n young n young says:

    Yet another fab book by Sarina Absolutely love her hockey stories they just suck you right in and make you live every word The story of Mike

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Mike and Lauren are so meant to be together but they have lots of obstacles in their way What follows is a funny, beautiful and heartfelt story I can t stress how amazing this book is and I definitely recommend it to any romance readers even those who know nothing about ice hockey.

  5. Q.Croach Q.Croach says:

    Really enjoyed this my favourite of the Brooklyn bruisers trilogy Mike was sweet and a loveable hero I like doing Lauren and good for her for pursuing her dreams without waiting for a man.

  6. Gillian Gillian says:

    Another thoroughly enjoyable read from Sarina Bowen.

  7. Jaime Billam Jaime Billam says:

    I loved the whole series, I think I read them all in about 4 days

  8. LH LH says:

    Years ago Brooklyn Bruiser s goalie, Mike Beacon, left a loveless marriage to be with the love of his life, Lauren Williams It turns out he s the kind of standup guy who would marry his pregnant girlfriend when they re both teenagers because it was the right thing to do His whole world has always revolved around his daughter, Elsa It turned out that once he found out that his soon to be ex wife had a terminal diagnosis, he broke things off with a Lauren and moved back home to give his daughter as much support as he could while her mother was dying He never quite articulated all this to a Lauren though Fast forward a few years and Mike is now a widower and single father Elsa is still his whole world and his life revolves around her and his job as a professional sportsman These days he has help with a live in manny violin teacher, Hans Lauren gets seconded to work at Brooklyn Bruiser s office, so they can t help but see each other again Mike has always loved Lauren and Lauren is determined to never cross the line with him because he literally broke her heart She has plans for how she wants to live her life and makes plans as a strong, single and independent woman But they are forced together through work and travel commitments Nowadays, Elsa is older and really doesn t like Lauren as she s always thought of Lauren as the woman that broke up her parents marriage There s a few obstacles to overcome as well as a few truths to be learned before a happy ever after can even be considered.

  9. Buba Buba says:

    Eu estou completamente encantada com os livros de Sarina Bowen Eu adorei Hard Hitter livro 2 da s rie Brooklyn Bruisers e Pipe Dreams s veio acrescentar estrelas minha admira o Sarina escreve os melhores hockey romances que existem no mercado A s rie WAGS em parceria com Elle Kennedy tamb m sensacional Pipe Dreams conta a hist ria de Mike Beacon e Lauren Williams Mike e Lauren se encantaram um pelo outro logo se conheceram mas somente ficaram juntos quando ele se separou da esposa Por m, ap s um ano e meio de relacionamento, surpreendidos por acontecimentos inesperados ele se separaram.Dois anos depois Mike e Lauren se reencontram quando ela vai gerenciar o time de hockey Brooklyn Bruisers no qual Mike o goleiro.O romance fortemente centrado na reuni o do casal, no novo despertar do romance, no fortalecimento dos la os afetivos entre eles e no planejamento do futuro O maior charme do livro para mim a personalidade dos personagens principais Mike e Lauren s o pessoas absolutamente normais, gente poss vel de existir no universo normal e n o s no mundo da fantasia Ambos s o apaixonados, maduros, respons veis, dedicados s suas profiss es e seres humanos descomplicados que reagem aos problemas da vida com naturalidade.N o existe um s momento nesta hist ria em que eu questionei as a es dos personagens ou suas atitutdes e rea es diante dos problemas cotidianos O romance simplesmente delicioso, assim como os personagens principais e secund rios Sarina Bowen apresenta uma hist ria que flui de forma perfeita sem andar para tr s e sem situa es inveross meis criadas exclusivamente para estabelecer conflitos sem sentido Um romance segunda chance perfeito que me deixou com um sorriso no rosto todo o tempo, uma hist ria em que o baixo n vel de conflito ajuda a real ar a qualidade da trama e do texto e a for a dos personagens.Sem d vida, um livro imperd vel para quem f de romances contempor neos

  10. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I enjoyed this story of Mike Beacon and Lauren I cried tears of joy at the emotional and happy ending of this book.