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RATING 4.5 I was so excited to return to this wonderful series and I am delighted to say that CHRISTMAS AT MISTLETOE COTTAGE by Lucy Daniels is just as engaging and heartwarming as its preceding novel.Mandy Hope is unbelievably busy what with working at her parent s veterinary practice and building up her own animal rescue centre, Hope Meadows But as the bills start piling up and Mandy starts to feel the strain, somebody in the village has it in for the centre and they won t be happy until Hope Meadows is closed Add on to that worries about her mother, trying to buy and renovate her dream cottage, wanting to be there for her friends and all of the animals that need her, and it is no wonder that romance is the last thing on her mind, no matter how interested a certain local gentleman seems to be As Christmas descends on this beautiful place will Mandy be able to solve all of her problems and embrace the new year with than hope in her heart Although you can easily read CHRISTMAS AT MISTLETOE COTTAGE as a standalone novel I highly recommend that you buy the first book in the series too as it really will make you fall in love with the place, the people, and the animals even deeper I thoroughly enjoyed this story as we get to see Mandy try to tackle real life problems with her business and her personal life, and the new additions to Hope Meadows are endearing as always.CHRISTMAS AT MISTLETOE COTTAGE by Lucy Daniels is an enchanting story, perfect for the cold winter nights that darken your door, and is a must for animal lovers and fiction fans alike I voluntarily reviewed this book from the Publisher I m than a day late and a dollar short with the review for this Christmas book No matter, seeing as there is a cold spell coming right this way this Christmas book feels just right.Lucy Daniels is the nom de plume for the author collective that created and wrote the popular bestselling children s book series Animal Ark Hope Meadows is the new spin off for adults Sarah McGurk is the author of Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage, Hope Meadows 2.In this second venture of Hope Meadows Mandy Hope is being targeted by someone who wants her gone They are willing to say and do anything to shut Hope Meadows down and to discredit Mandy.At the same time Mandy is trying to hop back into the dating game She is cautious and uncertain, which makes her a little paranoid about any potential love candidates.This is perfect for readers who love animals and adore a cosy romantic read I know a fair few of those Who can say no to fluffy pint sized donkeys and mischievous rescue dogs Lucy Daniels aka Sarah McGurk captures the essence of Animal Ark with Hope Meadows, and hikes the story up a notch to make it relatable for adult readers I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher. Mandy thinks she finally has her life back on track She loves working together with her parents at their veterinary practice and she has her beloved animal rescue center, Hope Meadows, a dream come true She will have her own house soon and she s dating Jimmy, a gorgeous man However, nothing is as easy as it initially seemed Someone s trying to give Hope Meadows a bad name, she hardly has any time to see Jimmy and she s still waiting for approval to buy the house she wants It s almost Christmas, will it be a good one for Mandy or does she have so many problems that she can t enjoy the holiday she loves so much Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage is a wonderful heartwarming story Mandy is a kindhearted woman She s as good with animals as she is with people and her adventures put a big smile on my face She always tries to help and she s being loved because of it Someone s trying to ruin her plans for Hope Meadows, but Mandy s strong and spirited and she determined not to let anyone come between her and the animals she loves so much I liked her fierceness and hoped this person wouldn t ruin her business I couldn t turn the pages quickly enough to find out if she d be able to find a solution before everything gets completely out of hand This kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.Lucy Daniels s writing has an easy flow The detailed and colorful descriptions of people, settings and animals are making Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage come to life in an incredible way I especially loved how each animal has a specific personality, it s fun and it makes the story even special The animals that are staying at Hope Meadows are adorable and I really enjoyed reading about them Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage is charming, entertaining and festive It s a story filled with unexpected twists and turns and plenty of friendship, warmth and joy. Just the right amount of nostalgia wonderful and very poignant The World is a Book Blog The World is a Book Blog The romance, tragedy and drama play s out alongside some deeply poignant animal storiesan absolute must read for animal lovers and grown up fans of the original series The Book Bag A stunning, emotional, beautiful tale of friendship, love, and the importance of being who you need to be I laughed, I cried, and I became completely ensnared, and I cannot recommend it highly enough it really has got it all Books of All Kinds An incredibly lovely story Rachel s Random Reads An adorable read with a real sense of village community Bookworms and Shutterbugs I really enjoyed this lovely romp through the glorious Yorkshire countrysidea really lovely summer read and the start of a promising new series of books which I am sure will delight readers JaffareadstooSummer Days at Sunrise Farm, the new book in the Animal Ark revisited series, is currently available Christmas has arrived in the little village of Welford The scent of hot roasted chestnuts is in the air, and a layer of frost sparkles on the ground This year, vet Mandy Hope is looking forward to the holidays Her animal rescue centre, Hope Meadows, is up and running and she s finally going on a date with Jimmy Marsh, owner of the local outward bound centre The advent of winter sees all sorts of animals cross Mandy s path, from goats named Rudolph to baby donkeys and even a pair of reindeer But when a mysterious local starts causing trouble, Mandy s plans for the centre come under threat She must call on Jimmy and her fellow villagers to put a stop to the stranger s antics and ensure that Hope Meadows first Christmas is one to remember One thing s for certain this Christmas, there ll be animal escapades, kisses under the mistletoeand plenty of festive cheer for all.Animal Ark Revisited is based on the globally bestselling series for children Perfect for fans of Lily Graham, Heidi Swain and Holly MartinRead what everyone s saying about Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage A wonderful, heart warming story I couldn t turn the pages quickly enough Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage is charming, entertaining and festive It s a story filled with unexpected twists and turns and plenty of friendship, warmth and joy With Love For Books Some lovely magical scenes This is such a wonderfully warm and cosy read you can curl up and lose yourself in a gorgeous story full of animals in a lovely village Bookworms and Shutterbugs An enchanting story, perfect for cold winter nights Books of All Kinds Full of lovely Christmas spirit will leave you smiling from ear to ear Netgalley, 5 stars I was enchanted a wonderful story one that I completely loved Rachel s Random Reads This is a really lovely book and will make you feel the Christmas spirit Netgalley, 5 stars A gorgeous book to curl up with Shaz s Book Blog I LOVED this book I couldn t give it anything less than a 5 star review Netgalley, 5 stars