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It s angsty and heartbreaking at times but the rawness is what makes it one of the most beautiful books I have read in my life Kcee, Unbound Book ReviewsFirst love, first heart break, second chances and lots of regret This book was packed full of all the angsty good stuff that I absolutely crave Sasha, SC Book BlogElla is a queen Her writing just draws you in and keeps hold of you Making you feel things you dont want to, making you think things you never thought you would, and making you question everything you thought you believed Readers TogetherIt s only the beginning ofand I m telling you now, this book is going in my top read for the year Lorena, Brittanys Book BlogFor readers looking for a beautifully written, thoughtful, New Adult, second chance romance, filled with angst, heartbreak, forgiveness and characters that will remain with you, I cant scream Suddenly Forbidden loud enough Auden Dar, AuthorDaisy and Quinn s love story is the kind of story you read twice first you binge it, then you savour it Michelle, Goodreads ReviewerIts been a really long time since Ive read a New Adult book and reading this story made me fall in love with them all over again Robin, The SmutbrariansNothing issatisfying as a reader than to be able to get into a story and feel all the emotions When an author can paint a picture so clearly that you feel like youre a part of the story then you know you have a winner Zilpha, Goodreads ReviewerThis book is the definition of angsty and swoonworthy New Adult at it s best Autumn Grey, Author