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Launch Sale: Just $, guaranteed forhours only! Save % over the regular price of $A sexy twins pregnancy romance by Katie Dowe of BWWM Club Features another free bonus bookSinger Avia Whyte isnt getting any youngerShes determined to have children, but she hates the idea of marriage!Avia decides that she will do it all on her own as a single mother and sets out to find a donorWhen she meets billionaire club and restaurant owner Grayson Whitfield, she knows that hes perfect to father her childHowever thetime she spends with him, theshe realizes that maybe marriage is for her after all!But there is still that lingering doubt that pushes her away from himGrayson finds himself tumbling into a web of passion so strong that he cannot stay away from AviaEspecially now that she is pregnant with his twins!Can he convince Avia that she doesnt just want him in her childrens lives, but in hers as well?Find out in this emotional yet sexy romance by Katie Dowe of BWWM ClubSuitable for over s only due to sizzling hot sex scenes!

9 thoughts on “Grayson: BWWM Twins Pregnancy Romance (Members From Money Book 22) (English Edition)

  1. Julie Alexander Julie Alexander says:

    I really enjoy this series Enjoy the story line, a few typos but I still enjoy and look forward to the next in the series.

  2. Choosy Choosy says:

    This story has a bit if a twist, featuring an independent woman, and singer at one of his Nightclubs, Club Angelique who wants a baby but no husband Without his knowledge she selects billionaire extraordinaire, Grayson Whitfield as her baby to be' s father She tells him about her pregnancy because she wants him to be involved in their baby's life He of course wants to marry her After facing her marital fears when he us almost killed in an attempt by radicals to kill him and they had already learned that they're having twins she agreed to marry him asap and if course tell members of the Elite Club arrive to assist and organize the event.Everything seems to be going well until a catastrophe occurs and they manage to make it through everything Not a great story but a good one.The bonus story of Allen and Frances is a dynamite story He runs away from home after escaping from his uncle/guardian who has tormented him since he scans his guardian following the death of his of his parents in an airplane crash returning home from celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary He only one less than 24 hours before he loses everything he brought with him Hiding and trying to keep warm Frances sees him and takes him home(such as she has) She feeds him and provides a place to sleep They team up until he is found by the police He only goes home if she does with him.Hey remain together until he reached 21years of age He is s stronger person because she had his back She has never been to school He hires tutor further He pays for her college education They are best friends He gives up his girlfriend for Frances Frances finally meets a guy and Allen has a fit He wants her fir himself A year later Frances and Kareem break up Allen takes his shot Things go well until France's book becomes a major success Allen as been the one with the money and success until now He does not handle her success well He acts like an add Finally after a heated argument He leaves with her help Structures to go go after him but as us it b a drunk driver and as amnesia after she awakes They try to pick up the pieces There is hesitance and distance between them Then they learn that she is pregnant Times are difficult between them because she has no memory of the last 10 years which predates his presence in her life She reads her book which Allen gives to her to help we learn about her past They continue together, both frustrated Kareem comes to visit Two plot continues This is an excellent story I enjoyed both.

  3. E.Maza E.Maza says:

    Overall it's a fairly typical MFM romance But Avias' sleazy scheming plot to get pregnant just turned me off and I couldn't quite get past it What man would forgive that?!? I found her to be just a little too fllippant, tacky and selfish This is the lowest rating I've given a story in this series to date There's a good amount of drama thou with supporting characters I just could not get past the initial tarnish.

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This book made me mad how Avia used Grayson for his sperm in the beginning to get pregnant and when she found out she didn't tell him It got so confusing because at first Avia's mom's name was Amanda and then at the end it was Amelia It was scary when first Grayson had his accident and then when both of them Grayson and Avia had their accident that caused her to go into labor Maybe next just stick with one specific name for a character and stay with instead of giving her another name.

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Our heroine is well to do, self assured but missing something she has always wanted yet not necessarily the relationship that accompany such a feat Into the scenario comes our hero suave, rich and the perfect candidate to father our heroine' s baby Long story short both our hero and heroine end up falling in love with each other and through denials and other tribulations find their happily ever after Another great job Ms Dowe.

  6. BookDyva BookDyva says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I love the characters and the stories but the editing is atrocious! Avila’s mother’s name was Amanda not Amelia! Why would Avia and Grayson name their daughter after his ex? Well that’s what it says in chapter 12! SMH!

  7. Nolegirl Nolegirl says:

    Let me start by saying the word darling is used way too many times I have every book in the series and all of them use the word darling which has become annoying But otherwise I enjoyed the story I would for once like to see Leesa Wellington named not used in the stories Patrick and Carrie Copeland started the series and they are mentioned less than the other as the series goes on They are still my favorite couple and would love of them and less if Lisa & Brad and Lorenzo and Monique for once I normally rate higher than three stars but couldn't do it this time Looking forward to Kurt and Alexis story Katie Dowe you are truly gifted.

  8. Tasha Thomas Tasha Thomas says:

    Grayson and Avia met and hit it off right away Grayson was in it for fun, but Avia had another idea She wanted a baby and Grayson was just the person to help her out Whether he knew it or not was a different story all together When he finds out, he decides to make a life altering decision But, Once again, Avia has other plans Read this book for romance, great sexy times and a bit of suspense.

  9. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Great story!!