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This ebook contains all of Oscar Wildes plays including the fragments , his only novel, his fairy tales and short stories, the poems, all of his essays, lectures, reviews, and other newspaper articles, based on theedition of his worksFor easier navigation, there are tables of contents for each section and one for the whole volume At the end of each text there are links bringing you back to the respective contents tables I have also added an alphabetical index for the poems and a combined one for all the essays, lectures, articles, and reviews Contents THE PLAYSVera or the Nihilists, The Duchess of Padua, Lady Windermeres Fan, A Woman of No Importance, An Ideal Husband, The Importance of Being Earnest, Salom the French original and Bosies translation, and the fragments of La Sainte Courtisane and A Florentine TragedyE NOVELThe Picture of Dorian GrayE STORIESAll the stories and tales from The Happy Prince and Other Tales, Lord Arthur Saviles Crime and Other Stories incl The Portrait of Mr WH , and A House of PomegranatesE POEMSThe Collected Poems of OWE ESSAYS etcThe four essays from Intentions, The Soul of Man under Socialism, De Profundis the unabridged version , The Rise of Historical Criticism, the lectures The English Renaissance in Art, House Decoration, Art and the Handicraftsman, Lecture to Art Students

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  1. Julian Julian says:

    This is titled the Complete Collection of Oscar Wilde s works It is far from complete It lacks most of the poems and there are only excerpts from a few of the Essays There are two different versions of The Importance of Being Ernest, one in 4 and one in 3 acts, but only one version is included And so on.The very publication is suspect No editor is listed, no publication details, not even a publication date are given, though p 494 says printed in Great Britain by , not even a title page.Publication values are quite lacking There are numerous textual errors, especially wrt articles, that basic proof reading should have caught The adjustments of lines in the plays are totally incompetent e.g., a single sentence needlessly is broken to multiple badly spaced lines such as two words at the opposite ends of the margins with huge space in between then the sentence continued on another line when all could have been comfortably on the same line Part, but only part, of the problem is that basic typesetting practices for using hyphens to space out lines in a readable manner have not been followed The title Oscar Wilde Complete Collection suggests this should be a collected works volume In such a volume one expects a long scholarly introductory apparatus, textual notes, either variant versions or footnotes indicating textual variations, etc In short, one expects at least some of the scholarly apparatus of a collected works critical edition All that is here is a 14 line summary biographical introduction on a par with a Wikipedia article opening paragraph Nothing There is not even a bibliography Even dates of the various works are not given, but when one looks them up the ordering of the works in the volume makes no sense In order, works from 1895, 1894, 1890 91, 1887 1888, 1905 1962 , 1892, 1898, 1891, 1893 96, 1893, 1891, variable dates for Selected Prose excerpts , and 1891 are jumbled together in a hogde pogde of intermixed genres.The editing is so incompetent that it is no wonder that no editor s name is listed on the non existent title page.I doubt whether anyone wanting the complete works of Oscar Wilde will find this volume worth owning or even consulting.

  2. Cliente media-tie-in-graphic-novels.co Cliente media-tie-in-graphic-novels.co says:

    No pensaba que eran s lo di logos para teatro Frases cortas No era lo que deseaba leer Estoy decepcionada Espero ver la pr xima vez esos detalles.

  3. Veronica Veronica says:

    Al intentar leer el relato De Profundis me he topado con que falta el principio de la novela Al comprarlo no describ a que las obras estuvieran incompletas.

  4. JJP JJP says:

    Muy recomendable por su edici n y su precio muy razonable Se necesitan diez palabras m s pero no tengo m s que a adir.

  5. Anna Anna says:

    yas love Oscar Wilde, witty guy

  6. Donald Lindgren Donald Lindgren says:

    A very interesting book that deals with a great man and sad Victorian judgemental attitudes that destroyed him unfairly Thank God we live in a tolerant society today To love someone is not a sin The sin is hating someone.

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    Brilliant, very happy

  8. Rosa Elena Perez Brito Rosa Elena Perez Brito says:

    La edici n deja mucho que desear, yo lo consegu por 280.00 y francamente me pareci mucho, el libro tiene aprox 22x32 cm A veces hacen dos columnas y a veces una hasta el borde, la tipograf a de 14 puntos y l neas tan largas sin espacios lo hacen pesado a la vista

  9. Juan-Enrique del Solar Juan-Enrique del Solar says:

    Es ist sehr angenehm ein gutes Buch auf dem Kindle zu lesen Dieses komplett Werk von Wilde eBook auf Englisch ist extrem interessant, denn nicht nur die Prosa, aber auch die Poesie ist inklusive.Wenn Ihre Englisch nicht aktuell ist, k nnen Sie, ohne die Lekt re zu verlassen, das W rterbuch benutzen, auch f r manche archaische oder wenig benutze Ausdr cke.

  10. Gordy A.J. Gordy A.J. says:

    What can one sayit s Oscar

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    I m very happy with this acquisition.I recommend it.I don t regret buying it.I am very happy with this item.

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    Que dire d autre de cet crivain g nial S il tait parfait, il manquerait d toiles pour qualifier son oeuvre, s il ne l avait pas crite, elle manquerait la litt rature anglaise.

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