Read kindle The Complete Works of Herman Melville (15 Complete Works of Herman Melville Including Moby Dick, Omoo, The Confidence-Man, The Piazza Tales, I and My Chimney, ... Israel Potter, And More) (English Edition)Author Herman Melville –

This ebook comprises the complete writings of Herman MelvilleThe collection is sorted chronologically by book publication There are the usual inline tables of contents and links after each text chapter to get back to the respective tables The dates of first publication are notedTypee A Romance of the South SeasOmoo Adventures in the South SeasMardi and A Voyage ThitherRedburn His First VoyageWhite Jacket or, The World in a Man of WarMoby Dick or, The WhalePierre or, The AmbiguitiesIsrael Potter His Fifty Years of ExileThe Piazza TalesThe Piazza, Bartleby, Benito Cereno, The Lightning Rod Man, The Encantadas or, Enchanted Isles, The Bell TowerThe Confidence Man His MasqueradeBattle Pieces and Aspects of the WarClarel A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy LandJohn Marr and Other Sailors with Some Sea PiecesTimoleon and Other Ventures in VerseThe Apple Tree Table, and Other SketchesThe Apple Tree Table, Jimmy Rose, I and my Chimney, The Paradise of Bachelors and The Tartarus of Maids, Cock a Doodle Doo , The Fiddler, Poor Mans Pudding and Rich Mans Crumbs, The Happy Failure, The GeesEssays Fragments from a Writing Desk No, Etchings of a Whaling Cruise, Authentic Anecdotes of Old Zack, Mr Parkmans Tour, Coopers New Novel, A Thought on Book Binding, Hawthorne and His MossesUncollected Poems Marquis de Grandvin at the Hostelry, Naples in the Time of Bomba, Immolated, Madam Mirror, The Wise Virgins to Madam Mirror, The New Ancient of Days, The Rusty Man, Thy Aim, Thy Aim , The Old Shipmaster and his Crazy Barn, Camoens, Camoens in the Hospital, Montaigne and his Kitten, Falstaffs Lament over Prince Hal, Shadow at the Feast, Merry Ditty of the Sad Man, Honor, Fruit and Flower Painter, The Medallion, Times Long Ago , In the Hall of Marbles, Gold in the Mountain