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Michel de Montaigne was one of the most influential figures of the Renaissance, singlehandedly responsible for popularising the essay as a literary formIn , Montaigne retired to his estates in order to devote himself to leisure, reading and reflection There he wrote his constantly expanding essays, inspired by the ideas he found in books from his library and his own experienceHe discusses subjects as diverse as war horses and cannibals, poetry and politics, sex and religion, love and friendship, ecstasy and experience Above all, Montaigne studied himself to find his own inner nature and that of humanity The Essays are among the most idiosyncratic and personal works in all literature An insight into a wise Renaissance mind, they continue to engage, enlighten and entertain modern readersBorn in , Michel de Montaigne studied law and spent a number of years working as a counsellor before devoting his life to reading, writing and reflection He died in

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  1. Tariki Tariki says:

    This is a review of Review Pages.This edition at least, mine is is indeed the Penquin Dr Screech edition, complete with his very own introduction Personally I would have preferred an introduction to Montainge himself rather than a long drawn out apologetic of the Catholic Faith which are available elsewhere if you are so inclined Quite a few reviews tell us it is not, and also tell us it is impossible to navigate etc etc Once again, I can only say that my edition has a full list of all the essays and that they can be individually selected by the simple tap of a finger It also has numbered notes to the text that can be tapped, read, then tapped again to return to where you started from It all works fine Which seems to say that Review Pages are a minefield of misinformation which as far as intent goes is no ones fault at all, yet surely some way needs to be found to clean them up Otherwise no one knows what they are getting until they have got it Even a peep to Look Insude first often seems to yield a totally different version to the one eventually downloaded.Price is another thing I paid 3.99, now it is 7.99 Maybe it is a good idea to put a book on your Wish List and jump in at the moment the price dips Rather like the Stock Market But don t wait too long I was about to buy the Graphic Guide to Quantum Physics at a mere 99p, then saw that the price had been raised to 3.00 I waited..now it is 3.79 Perhaps the publishers wish to demonstrate the actual reality of the quantum theory Chaotic quantum leaps of price for no apparent reason Who knows Welcome to the crazy world of Ebooks.Anyway, Montaigne Really good to know that a human being, surrounded by the slightly crazy religious world of the 16th century, when Luther was stamping his foot and insisting the sun moved not the earth and many of faith were engaged in warfare to prove it, good to know Montaigne was there in the thick of it salvaging his humanity and passing it on for future generations There is hope for us all.

  2. fatherhaw fatherhaw says:

    Beware This is NOT the penguin complete essays as advertised that is what I thought I was buying and the link actually takes you to this book instead It is utterly dreadful It is not the complete essays at all but a poor short selection, badly organised and with no publication details other that printed in Great Britain by The good reviews for this book obviously come from people who did get the penguin edition.

  3. Tony Barber Tony Barber says:

    This is a superbly edited version of Montaigne, whose common sense wisdom is as fresh and inspiring as it was than 400 years ago Compassionate, aware of man s weaknesses, always ready with a strong opinion of his own, Montaigne is truly one of western civilization s timeless great thinkers and writers.

  4. RJ RJ says:

    Essential, that is, for serious readers, meaning readers who don t read trash But it s not hard to read and, if some of the essays are less gripping than others, the great majority will have something for you to get your teeth into, and will leave you with something worthwhile to think about Penguin price this at an astounding 20, but I guess you ll find it cheaper than that.

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    paper and printing quality is okI had better penguin book experience, not sure about this one.but it s comprehensive and complete for sure, recommand for anyone looking for complete Montaigne

  6. Paul Hastings Paul Hastings says:

    great book.

  7. A W gregson A W gregson says:

    Help me greatly thank you

  8. Lorraine Lorrie Lolo Lorraine Lorrie Lolo says:

    Paperback edition is NOT the complete essays, only goes up to Essay XVI of Book 1 Disappointed.

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    just as expected

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    As above

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    no comment

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    Terrible cut and paste fake attempt at a book felt cheated.

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    Superb Outstanding scholarship.

  15. Wiser Thinking Wiser Thinking says:

    You hear all this nonsense that knowledge is power blah blah I heard it, you heard it But nobody ever directs you to this promised land of knowledge, except to all the inspirational posts on Instagram or Facebook Well, look no further, because Monsieur Montaigne will guide you.Michel de Montaigne decided to seclude himself from his daily affairs and just write about life and philosophy And he wasn t looking to be Tony Robbins or anything, but just seeking wisdom and truth through his own studies What did he study Everything his aristocratic hands could get from religion, philosophy, history etc With his studies, he wrote his essays Which was comprised of his thoughts, quotes from famous and wise scholars, his take on issues that aren t much different than today What makes his essays amazing, is how fun it is read It s like having a conversation with this man And through these conversations, you learn so much and become wiser if you apply his thoughts in your life It s a timeless read that will always be engaging no matter what stage of life you re in.If you don t read this book, nothing bad will happen But if you read this book, this could spur your own ideas and thought process In a time when fake news and lies circulate the internet, it helps to get some down to earth wisdom And PERHAPS, you may even become a better and wiser person Considering how cheap this book is, you have nothing to lose by tackling this read.Sooooooo, take the chance, read it and I promise you will never regret it unlike that one weird person you dated.