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This duetin fact the whole Harris Brothers series needs to be devoured Amy has done the most amazing job of bringing these characters to life In fact they dont feel like characters but real people and the stories stay with you even after you have put them downGoodreads Reviewer if I could give this bookthan five stars I would it was like reading a fairytale come trueGoodreads ReviewerTOP READ OF THE YEAR Goodreads Reviewer Dominateis a whirlwind of emotions, full of surprises And even though is highly emotional it also has the authors humoring touch This book is not just another read, is a journey One that goes from ugly and painful moments, to blissful ones, passing through heartfelt moments, funny and swoon worthy ones Goodreads ReviewerExceptionally beautiful Goodreads Reviewer the authors brings twists and turns and drops bombs that leave you reeling and desperate ford the ending is the stuff readers dreams are made of Goodreads Reviewer Just when I think they cant get any better she goes and blasts out another masterpiece that leaves me in complete awe Goodreads Reviewer Dominate has all the feels, its and enthralling and emotional ending to a journey full of heartbreak, healing, joy and most of all loveGoodreads Reviewer Gareth and Sloan have skyrocketed to one of my all time favorite fictional couples Goodreads Reviewer This is one of those rareStar reads for me Im here to tell you, there is no moving on from Gareth Harris and his family Goodreads Reviewer