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Could one summer on the Italian coast change Bries life forever Brianna Middleton has won the hearts of millions of readers with her sweeping love stories But the girl behind the typewriter is struggling Not only does she have writers block, but shes a world famous romance author with zero romance in her own life So the opportunity to spend the summer teaching at a writers retreat in an idyllic villa on the shores of Lake Garda owned by the enigmatic bachelor Arran Jamieson could this be just the thing to fire up Bries writing and romantic mojo Bries sun drenched Italian summer could be the beginning of this writers very own happy ever after Escape to the Italian coast in this sun drenched, heart warming story from the bestselling author of A Springtime to Remember What readers are saying about Lucy ColemanI adored this book A wonderful escapist read For me, its astar read Katherine, Katherines Book Universe I adored this beautifully written tale The score is a well deserved and easyout ofGinger Book Geek This book gives you all the feels Itll make you want to move to France and start a new life Lucy Coleman has a way of writing where it feels like youre actually there standing beside Anna and you mentally really feel involved in the story Stacey, The Cosiest Corner

15 thoughts on “Summer on the Italian Lakes: the perfect feel good love story from bestselling author Lucy Coleman (English Edition)

  1. Ger Hogan Ger Hogan says:

    Lucy Coleman has done it again I loved this story, read it as the wind howled outside and there was snow on the ground, but I was transported to Italy, to the sun on my back, the reach of olives overhead and the soft murmur of the sea in the distance Brie is a romance writer without any romance, but a writing retreat and the opportunity to lose herself for a short while begin to open up a happy ever after better than she could have written for herself A fine story indeed

  2. Soft as Clarts Soft as Clarts says:

    This is a strange book It s written in the first person, the main character being a romance writer who talks a lot about how to write a romantic novel But the ironic thing is, this isn t a very romantic novel at all It misses the mark by a mile actually, there is no romance, no awww feeling at all It is a good storyline but there is no depth to it, not to the characters, the story or, amazingly, considering the main thread is about how to write a romance, no depth whatsoever to the romance itself I m not really explaining this properly, but this story just doesn t tug on any heartstrings at all The supporting characters are flat and I found it difficult to care about anything they did.Three stars though as the story itself was good, just, flat really, that s the best way I can think of to describe it.

  3. katiematie katiematie says:

    A story that takes you in all its glory to a wonderful slice of paradise in Italy, where the characters are brought to life in a beautiful love story.Not spoiling writing the blurb for you just go ahead and buy this wonderful book and take yourself away

  4. Rachel Brimble Rachel Brimble says:

    I was lucky enough to read Summer On The Italian Lakes while on holiday in picturesque Croatia, and the environment only added to my enjoyment of this wonderful summer read.The book opens with the heroine, Brianna Middleton, suffering the after effects of a brief and public romance with a rock star who didn t turn out to be the man she d hoped Feeling depressed, overeating and retreating into her home, doors firmly shut, Brianna s literary agent, family and best friend stage an intervention.This leads to Brianna teaching at a writer s retreat in Lake Garda the owner of the magnificent villa has serious financial and emotional problems, but the two of them connect in a way that neither could have anticipated A raw, realistic story of broken hearts, disappointments and the strains of broken relationships, Summer On The Italian Lakes is an immersing read that deals with some real issues and leads to a true romance that is based on so much than physical attraction.Recommended

  5. Queen B Queen B says:

    Another fantastic escapist read from Lucy Coleman I adored Brie and Arran from the very beginning and the complexities of their budding relationship Of course, the gorgeous Italian backdrop was a pleasure to be a part of too Highly recommended for fans of Jo Thomas and Sue Moorcroft.

  6. Penelope Wishdust Penelope Wishdust says:

    I picked up this book having read a bunch of 4 and 5 star reviews, expecting some light, frothy escapism.It s certainly light and frothy, but the high starred reviews have me utterly baffled.Right from the offset, so much about the plot just didn t make sense.SPOILERS BELOW As soon as she meets him, Brie starts complaining that Arran is arrogant, tetchy and rude yet never once do we see him display these traits A little quiet, sure Reserved and standoffish Yep But I found it hard to understand how that would be taken for rudeness Despite the initial, bizarre, rocky start, Brie and Arran are sleeping together within days The romance seems very forced, there s very little build up and it seems she flits straight from I hate him to I love him Brie goes back to England, Arran comes over a few months later Suddenly they re engaged and planning a shotgun wedding for no obvious reason Brie s best friend is super wary of Arran, yet never really articulates why, and never really seems to warm to him Brie doesn t care, she s busy getting engaged to a man she barely knows The whole secret wedding thing What Brie s dad has just had a heart attack, and instead of thinking No, i want to get married with my family there she thinks It s cool, I ll just keep it secret from everyone who loves me The real wedding at the end It s briefly mentioned that there s a UK wedding, but not much detail is given In fact, that whole last chapter is really poorly written, flitting between things that happened at the UK wedding and things that happened at the Italian one, with no real explanation as to what s going on Surprise, surprise, Brie is pregnant Cliche way to end a cliche storyOverall, this had some potential but it read as though an editor had never picked it up and gone through it Given much of the plot centres around writing books and dealing with editors, it is a disappointing irony that the author did not have some careful editing and proof reading.It is a plot full of holes With any romance novel, we expect things to be a bit accelerated and exaggerated, but this was just ridiculous and unbelievable.

  7. Cazzie Cazzie says:

    Whilst I enjoyed reading this book, i found very little empathy with the main character and the lead male totally unbelievable So much so that i didnt think there would be the happy ever after ending I felt the whole book was aimed at tutoring budding authors.

  8. Nen Nen says:

    Loved this romantic trip to Italy As well as the romance, I revelled in the description of the scenery, the colours, the atmosphere, and the fun A real escape from our chilly British weather.

  9. carolinemswain carolinemswain says:

    When I first started reading I wondered if I was going to continue because it all seemed very intensely introverted I m so glad I carried on As a writer who is trying to get a first book finished, it was delightful to hear about a writing retreat with two very different types of author Brie s relationship with her friend Mel heightened the spontaneity of Brie s actions Towards the end I kept hoping there wasn t going to be a sad ending Loved the scene in the Registry office with Harriet and Arran s mother, making us think that Arran was calling the wedding off but then confounding the dreadful Harriet and his mother Magic

  10. John McDade John McDade says:

    A beautiful story, very well told And I m a sucker for a happy ending Highly recommended.Read and enjoy this lovely story.

  11. Marlene Ford Marlene Ford says:

    It took me a couple of chapters to settle into this bookthen suddenly I was really enjoying the read Brie is such a lovely warm character I found I was routing for her all the way through It evoked feelings in me of wanting to protect her a bit like Mel I will be looking out for from Lucy Coleman.

  12. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    ..I say to long because I started skipping pages ,there just seemed a lot of unnecessary padding , one thing that really put me off this book was given this books title, if I arrived at a villa at night woke up in the morning and opened the curtains to Lake Garda I don t think I would just ignore the view and go down for breakfast , however a nice love story in a beautiful setting.

  13. J E Cable J E Cable says:

    What I loved most about this book was the shape of the love story To say would be a spoiler, but I get so bored with formulaic boy meets girl stories that run to the same pattern Add to that characters that make you care about them, this is a really enjoyable read.

  14. Janet Colledge Janet Colledge says:

    I truly loved the characters Lucy wrote about everyone had their own storyItaly Lake Garda you can smell the air feel the beauty all around youAbove all the sheer romance is beautifully written entwined among almost all the charactersI will download books soon.

  15. Bumble777 Bumble777 says:

    Maybe I missed the point of this book which I bought given the reviews and the fact I am on holiday on Lake Garda but this was hard work I didn t enjoy the lectures the author was giving through the main character The plot was very predictable and the characters were all too convenient All this talk about how to write a book and make characters jump off the page I was bored from the outset and forced myself to finish it, for any travel tips rather than the story line Sorry but this just wasn t for me at all even overlooking the stunning lake