Audiobooks Southern Comfort (The Bakery Romance Series Book 5) (English Edition) –

He s blindShe s a victimBlind since birth, Carl Warner is devastated after his girlfriend rejects his marriage proposal As he struggles to deal with his pain and humiliation he encounters Miriam Beech via a local food ministry A victim, Miriam is healing from a recent trauma She finds solace working in her bakery, and shes determined to raise her teenaged daughter, Jessica, in a wholesome environment When problems with Jessica arise Miriam asks God for direction Can Carl convince Miriam to take a chance on love Cecilia does an excellent job in this book writing about redemption, forgiveness, overcoming sin and keeping your faith when it all falls apart.Miriam is a single mom and business owner who has not had an easy life She and her teenage daughter Jessica live a decent life from all of Miriam s hard work Yet Jessica can t figure out why her mother is so strict and over protective She nor her mother have much of a social life and she rebelles because of it.Carl is a blind, hard working single man While life has been challenging for him he keeps a positive outlook on life.When Carl and Miriam meet he become smitten for the woman Miriam has a hard time letting him in because she is still haunted by her past With a great cast of characters and even some familiar characters from the past this takes you on a rollercoaster ride including some angst moments and suspense.I really hope there is a book for Jessica and Mary. Cecelia Dowdy weaves an inspiring mystery romance that delights the reader s palette as well as the reader s heart Having worked in a bakery as a teen, I enjoy the scrumptious treats sold at the Southern Comfort Bakery Several thought provoking motifs are presented in Cecelia Dowdy s romances feeding the homeless, soup kitchens or shelter, overbearing parents, and do parents always know what is best for their children As a reader, who has worked closely with two blind people, I related to Carl Warner challenges, as a blind person As a retired high school teacher, I encounter too many stifling helicopter moms, like Miriam and pregnant teens like Jessica A well written story with believable but somewhat irrational characters, twist and turn plot, and convincing resolution Recipe for Southern Lemon Pound Cake include. A good Christian story., of love, disappointment, and still having hope That there is a special person to share life with.The story also has a young girl, wanting freedom, and learning about life, and love of a family.Good story with a number of things, and people who feelings change, as they become a family.