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Theres a smokin hot dead guy locked in my garden shedThat parts bad enough But now, hes trying to get outGrowing up, my father always told me that Id come to a bad end, just like my mom did when I was a kid Hearing that kind of stuff when youre little eventually gets to a girl, but I cant say I ever expected my bad end to involve an angry vampire with a severe case of iron deficiency and a panty melting English accentMaybe I shouldnt be surprised Ever since my mother was assassinated, Ive felt like there was something vast and frightening hidden beneath the fabric of the world Something none of us are supposed to know aboutSo far, finding out I was right hasnt been nearly as satisfying as Id hoped I guess the trick will be staying alive long enough to shout I told you so from the rooftopsBut before I can do that, I really need to figure out if the vampire who just bit me is one of the good guys or not The Last Vampire is a steamy new urban fantasy romance series from USA Today Bestseller R A Steffan and Jaelynn Woolf, co authors of the Circle of Blood saga Download Book One today, and enter a world shared by humans, fae, demons, and one very reluctant vampire Its a place where the supernatural threatens the mundane, nothing is as it seems, and love will either be the worlds downfallor its salvation Author s Note Please be aware that major unmarked spoilers are showing up in the reviews listed on this page