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A Times Best Book ofPaver is one of Britains modern greats This sinister, gothic chiller shows why BIG ISSUE, Books of the YearSomething has been let loose In Edwardian Suffolk, a manor house stands alone in a lost corner of the Fens a glinting wilderness of water whose whispering reeds guard ancient secrets Maud is a lonely child growing up without a mother, ruled by her repressive father When he finds a painted medieval devil in a graveyard, unhallowed forces are awakened Mauds battle has begun She must survive a world haunted by witchcraft, the age old legends of her beloved fen and the even nightmarish demons of her fathers past Spanning five centuries, Wakenhyrst is a darkly gothic thriller about murderous obsession and one girls longing to fly free by the bestselling author of Dark Matter and Thin Air Wakenhyrst is an outstanding new piece of story telling, a tale of mystery and imagination laced with terror It is a masterwork in the modern gothic tradition that ranges from Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker to Neil Gaiman and Sarah Perry

9 thoughts on “Wakenhyrst (English Edition)

  1. Nena Nena says:

    The first book I have read by Michelle Paver and I loved it I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading books by Michelle Paver

  2. Alaran Alaran says:

    Initially my response to this book was of disappointment But that was because the pre release bumph led me to believe that this was supposed to be a really scary ghost story It isn t a ghost story at all and there is nothing scary whatsoever about it There isn t a supernatural or paranormal element to events just some fears of such things from some of the characters and an inference of such things that develop out of the balance of Christianity imposing itself over the superstitions of other beliefs and practices.However, the ghost story angle aside there is plenty to be enjoyed ad this is a well written book with a good, slightly innovative, structure.It is of a coming of age story Predominantly events are from the perspective of Maud, a young girl forced to grow up in the early twentieth century with all its prejudices and suppression of women Maud must struggle with being disregarded or considered worthless when she is clearly intelligent and capable than all the men around her.The characterisation of Maud is excellent and her development from childhood naivety at her lot in life to understanding the helplessness of it and she can work against it is the main strength of the novel.A large portion of the novel also comes from the perspective of Maud s father, Edmund Stearne Through the artifice of having Maud periodically read her father s diary it allows the narrative to come to from two people in the first person This also works well in creating a nice contrast between the two As Maud s self awareness and determination develops her father slowly looses his grip on reality Their method of dealing with their situation is radically different.This all takes place amongst themes of Christianity suppressing pagan beliefs and that of developing society versus nature These help to create some good atmospheric moments in the fens.There is also an interesting take on a murder mystery scenario here the murderer is apparent from the outset but there is a question over who the victim might be.Definitely a worthwhile read that encourages me to try from this author, but it doesn t stand out as a scary or ghost story.

  3. Lucy Lucy says:

    Read the book in a day Quite gripping and a good gothic horror Some MR James touches Didn t find it as scary as Dark Matter which I thought was brilliant.

  4. Jophi Jophi says:

    I loved both of Michelle Paver s previous ghost stories so I didn t know what to expect with Wakenhyrst, and certainly it s a different kind of haunting I was completely drawn into the strange narrow world of the precocious clever daughter and her cold obsessive father, and the almost unearthly the power of the fen over the people and the landscape In fact I couldn t put this book down It s beautiful, at times unnerving, at times heartbreaking novel about power, where it lies, how it shifts, where we can unexpectedly find it when we need it I absolutely loved Wakenhyrst and can t wait for Michelle Paver s next book

  5. ossenfeffer ossenfeffer says:

    DO NOT READ THIS if Ms Paver s previous trilogy is your favourite ever books in the whole wide world.You will be disturbed by the subject of the book I found it very distasteful.There is not a single character to like or empathise with.You will speed read the last two thirds of the book because you ve guessed most of the ending.You will be very disappointed not to be enchanted as you were with Ancient Darkness.There is a twist at the end but you won t care by then.Only my opinion but good luck.

  6. sandi22 sandi22 says:

    This is a beautifully written book I loved the attention to historic detail, and the atmospheric fens fairly come to life beneath the author s pen This is a creepy, compelling, grisly tale, and as soon as I finished I was keen to read of Michelle Paver s work If I have one small criticism it is that the dual narrative is unbalanced Central character Maud is an engaging narrator, strong enough to drive the story on her own, but her father s rambling journals tend to overshadow her These instalments are too numerous and repetitive even though they effectively bear witness to his descent intowell, I ll let you be the judge However, I enjoyed it Gloriously Gothic and twisty

  7. janey janey says:

    I heard michelle paver on the radio talking about a childs book and ghosts, called wakenhyrst I bought this for my kindle I certainly would not let any of my children read such a book where was the book she was talking about the title should have been private notebook of edmund sterne the madman I also was annoyed that the book started off at the end of the so called story, I had a job pushing myself to carry on reading I skipped very quickly through most of it I shouldn t have wasted my money

  8. Miss H. Miss H. says:

    The good It s gripping, political and intelligent I love Michelle Paver s writing and especially when she sets her plots in Edwardian times among obsessive, inceasingly deranged minds.The less good It s not chilling or spooky at all, unlike the excellent and creepy Thin Air and Dark Matter It s in part a diary novel and certain diary entries are too long and repetitive and become dull.

  9. Maria Maria says:

    Absolutely loved this Superbly Gothic Fantastic main character, great villain, incredible atmosphere all the way through A delight from beginning to end.