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My father has been kidnapped by my worst enemiesEither that, or he willingly sold me out to themWhatever the case, Im going to find him Mind you, this would be a lot easier if every Fae in Chicago wasnt already out for my bloodTheyre not getting it, thoughThe only one whos getting anywhere near my blood is the seven hundred year old vampire who saved me Yes, there are times when Im convinced hes not quite right in the head, but so far hes the only supernatural being Ive met who sees me as a person rather than a chess pieceTo the rest of them, Im nothing than the walking, talking evidence of a war crime To him, Im something else He calls me a loose thread in the tapestry of his forgotten past, but he looks at me like I might be the key to his futureThe rest of them tell me Im demonkin They say Im a succubus human hybrid who shouldnt existOne thing is very clear, though My father is carrying a secret bigger than I ever dreamed, and Im damn well going to pry it out of himI just have to get him back from the Fae firstBecause, heywhat could possibly go wrong The Last Vampire is a steamy urban fantasy romance series from USA Today Bestseller R A Steffan and Jaelynn Woolf, co authors of the Circle of Blood sagaDownload Book Two today, and return to a world shared by humans, fae, demons, and one very reluctant vampire Its a place where the supernatural threatens the mundane, nothing is as it seems, and love will either be the worlds downfall, or its salvation

15 thoughts on “The Last Vampire: Book Two (English Edition)

  1. tillydog tillydog says:

    Better than the first book and the first was great Zorah is amazingly alive inspite of many wishing it were otherwise Loved this second installment and am looking forward to the third

  2. Mrs kindle Mrs kindle says:

    Got a bit bored with this one, it seemed very drawn out Not sure if getting book 3 in the series is worth it, it needs to move on and come to some sort of conclusion

  3. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Very enjoyable when you don t want to turn your brain on great for late night can t wait for next one

  4. wendy rhodes wendy rhodes says:

    Enjoying the series so far Some bits are predictable, but worth a read Waiting to see what happens in the next book

  5. lulu lulu says:

    Well written but a tad boring at times, for me that is Good story line.

  6. chezann chezann says:

    Liked these type of unreal sexy books

  7. jenny jenny says:

    Love it good read

  8. Carrie P. Carrie P. says:

    Really enjoyed this book, look forward to the next instalment

  9. June Brian June Brian says:

    Yes really enjoyed all the books

  10. Isabel Isabel says:

    Love the series just wish the books were longer

  11. Carmin Carmin says:

    Hot sexcheckAction and intriguecheckMore info and back storycheckEmotional growth of characterscheckMore actioncheckMore hot sexcheckCliffcheckSo so glad I started this series Cannot wait for the next book

  12. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    In this exciting continuation of The Last Vampire, we get the further scary and life threatening adventures of Zorah, who is part succubus, and Rans, the titular vampire.After an opening scene where Zorah gets drunk and the narrator has a ball performing it , Zorah s father is still missing She wants to find him so she can discover whether he was really on her side or sold her out She decides to use one of Rans s contacts without his knowledge to go in search of her father, but the consequences are nightmare levels of chilling.The story moves at a fast pace and is absorbing There are levels of political machinations that Zorah and we readers aren t aware of yet The showdown at court toward the end is just one clue of the multi layered big picture This is especially evident in the epilogue that leads us waiting eagerly for the next adventure.One of the things I liked about this story was that Zorah thought she suffered chronic illness before the reveal that she was part succubus I enjoyed seeing this different type of heroine depicted on the page because it s a very real slice of life Several of my friends have chronic illnesses Another thing about Zorah is that she doesn t start as a strong heroine She begins everything as weak and afraid, and she s going through the journey on the page to have true strength of character.I will say that the title of the series is misleading as Rans is not the main character I assume we ll learn about him in other volumes As an attention grabber, though, The Last Vampire is a lot interesting and immediate than The Succubus Who Didn t Know She Was a Succubus or whatever could be said about Zorah.A note on the audio performance Gwendolyn Druyor is the voice of Steffan Woolf If you ve listened to any other titles, you know what to expect If you haven t heard her performances before, you re in for a treat She s very good and always adds things to her performances that make the dialogue sound like real people speaking.This is recommended for readers who like urban fantasy and paranormal romance since there are fae, demons, a succubus, and yes, a lone vampire Do yourself a favor, though, and start with the first book if you haven t done so already.

  13. LDC1215 LDC1215 says:

    This is 2 in the series and it is getting better and better I thought I had written a review but it seems I didn t or didn t show it which is NOT the first time I might add Exasperating That being said, this book is great and I am really getting into liking this vamp He is a medieval man, 700 years old, who has adjusted so well as the centuries have turned but still is a Knight in Shining Armor , sword and all He has decided that this young woman is his mission and does everything in his power to protect her I also think he has fallen for her as well Sweet The ongoing battle between the three realms continues along with the mystery of Zorah s father s involvement She is not sure whether he is in her camp or not but then he never was since she was 6 She has this deep desire to connect and protect him whether he wants her to or not She offers herself up to the Fae knowing that her life is in terrible danger with them but still bargains for her father s in exchange for her own This young girl from the first book has blossomed into a tigress even though she doesn t recognize it yet The transition is fascinating Our Vamp Hero, always at the ready, bursts in just at the right moment to save the day so to speak This is an interesting storyline with politics, envy, mystery and action with a touch of romance Great fun Can t wait for the next one 4 1 2

  14. sadovidsporn.co Customer sadovidsporn.co Customer says:

    Loved the first book, and this one makes it even better The primary characters develop along with their relationship and the storyline In the first book, we find Zorah being pursued by the Fae, who consider her an abomination and the physical proof of a broken treaty with demons of whom we see very little In this second book of the trilogy, she willingly places herself in Fae hands, in a misguided attempt to save her father who has rejected and neglected her for most of her life and her vampire savior and lover Towards the very end of the book, we discover her significance to the Fae, demon and human realms, leading to the third book, which I immediately pre ordered, upon finishing this book I hope the third book will resolve this storyline with no cliffhanger, while leaving room for further adventures

  15. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    OkayI m officially hooked and I wish I had paid attention to the fact that book three hasn t dropped yet so now I m clenching my jaw and stomping my feet in protest like petulant child Not sure how I feel about being reduced to acting like a child Hats off to the Author R.A and Jaelynn, this book was amazing, % And I made sure to keep spoilers out