Prime American Spy: a Cold War spy thriller like you've never read before (English Edition) –

An expertly written spy thrillerthat tackles issues of politics, race and genderLike the best of John le Carr, it s extremely tough to put down It marks the debut of an immensely talented writer who s refreshingly unafraid to take risks, and has the skills to make those risks pay off NPR For the novel s engaging intelligence and serious reckoning with the world s postwar order, Wilkinson deserves the comparisons to John le Carr she s already receiving But in bringing a virtually unheard from fictional viewpoint to espionage literature, she has reinvigorated the genre Time Lauren Wilkinson s American Spy, inspired by true events, is a thrilling, original read Real Simple It might seem hyperbolic to say that this book is riveting and thrilling from the very first page, except that it totally is It s a refreshing take on an espionage story No icy Russian tundra A black female spy that s sexy and suspenseful in equal measure Samantha Irby, Marie Claire Wilkinson takes readers down a path of danger, seduction and patriotism Essence Lauren Wilkinson reminds us of a less covered side of the Cold War with her debut set inAfrica FBI agent Marie Mitchell is stationed in Burkina Faso, and when she s assigned to shadow Thomas Sankara, Africa s Che Guevara, the personal, political and professional collide for her in unforgettable ways The Washington Post A complex and powerful workThe espionage plot that eventually drives the action is only one component in this ambitious, multifaceted novel Shelf Awareness An excellent spy novel that is unlike every other spy novel I ve read This is a great read for fans of literary mystery, character driven novels, and historical fiction especially focusing on history that never gets taught Book Riot A gutsy new thrillerchallenging boundaries is what brave fiction does, and Wilkinson proves confident enough to carry it off The New York Times American Spy updates the espionage thriller with blazing originality Entertainment Weekly In this genre defying novelMarie s journey into the moral and spiritual morass of espionage is inventiveUnlike the heroes of John Le Carr s novels, Marie must also grapple with the cognitive dissonance of serving a country in which she is regarded as a second class citizen Vulture An excitingly sharp debut novel by the talented newcomer Lauren WilkinsonRest assured that American Spy will not only keep you turning the pages, it will do muchthan that Wilkinson steeps her thriller in a complicated awareness of huge, thorny themes race, Cold War amorality, the politics of our intelligence services and the ease with which we can become complicit with deeds we actually abhor NPR Fresh AirA black female spy goes undercover in Cold War era Africa in this electrifying debut novel of race, loyalty, espionage, and love, inspired by true events