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After reading this I felt like I needed to take a look at others by the same author.Scary, building up to a growing fear as the story went on A typical family seeing a chance of a life time and by some fluke winning it.It did leave me thanking my lucky stars I read it during the days as reading it alone at night and any bump I heard would have made me that little bit tetchy to say the least It flowed well through out and the old lady I did think at times did she really exist and why the heck always the same dress Still didn t get to know the answer to the dress part but the rest of it all sewn up nicely.One of the best scary reads I ve had recently and just hoping the previous books by the author are as good as honestly don t think any could top this one Will be interesting to see after I ve read them. A good book with lots of intrigue involved It has you questioning the characters and what they may be hiding. Once again this author has delivered I couldn t put it down So I usually stick to the same authors, knowing what sort of books I like So I though, try someone different I by God I m so glad I did Great storyline, all surrounded by ,the house, some very tense twist and turns, the story captures your imagination Some great wording, expressions ,and lovely writing So Ben Chretien congratulations, you ve won me over, Looking forward to reading I really enjoyed this book From the 1st page it just caught my attention Lots of twists, which made the story exciting Highly recommended. Being a big fan of stories with a supernatural atmosphere, I was drawn to try this one After satisfying myself that it wasn t one of the many cheap and sensational efforts that crowd the market, I settled down one afternoon and finished it off by early morning That to me represents a good read.Ben s writing held me rivetted The pace is steady, builds up very nicely, with enough scary moments and unpleasant situations to strike home without becoming just plain nasty Add to that a final twist I couldn t have foreseenThanks for a real entertaining day. The title appeared in my favourite genre I didn t know the author but I thought I d give it a go Glad I did There was plenty of twists and turns which kept me reading one chapter, then just one You know how it is when you get into a good book I thought Ben portrayed how terrible grief can lead people to make decisions that they would otherwise never even consider in order to help mend their souls So when the truth of their decision is finally realised are the family able to undo in their minds what happened Perhaps The ending to this story also left me thinking How I read it is, that one of the family at least is not the same any or maybe that person has, always been the the same Will definitely be reading of Bens books now. Un relato que mantiene en vilo al lector En algunos pasajes se llega a sentir miedo Muy recomendable para el que guste este tipo de relatos. Adams eyes swelled in horror at the sight that confronted him Henry was standing with his back against the front door, pale and rigid, his left hand pressed to his neck Blood was seeping between his fingers, running down his wrist and dripping from his elbow onto the back of Jacobs head Jacob was facedown on the tiled floor, arms outstretched to either side with blood pooling around his wrists There was a faintly metallic butchers shop smell in the airAfter the tragic death of their eleven year old son, Adam and Ella are fighting to keep their family from falling apart Then comes an opportunity that seems too good to be true They win a competition to live for free in a breathtakingly beautiful mansion on the Cornish Lizard Peninsula Theres just one catch the house is supposedly hauntedMystery has always swirled around Fenton House Inthe houses original owner, reclusive industrialist Walter Lewarne, hanged himself from its highest turret In , the then inhabitants, George Trehearne, his wife Sofia and their young daughter Heloise disappeared without a trace Neither mystery was ever solvedAdam is not the type to believe in ghosts As far as hes concerned, ghosts are simply memories Everywhere he looks in their cramped London home he sees his dead son Despite misgivings, the chance to start afresh is too tempting to pass up Adam, Ella and their surviving son Henry move into Fenton House At first, the change of scenery gives them all a new lease of life But as the house starts to reveal its secrets, they come to suspect that they may not be alone after allWhat readers are saying about Ben Cheethams books I love love loved this book Had me gripped right from the start and just had to keep reading it A dark and twisting narrative that will keep you turning the pages Ben Cheetham s characters, though sometimes tainted or, indeed, pure evil, are completely believable The only trouble with this book is that sleep and work got in the way I loved this book and continue to think about the characters after I finished Brilliantly written and had me totally captivated Didn t want to stop reading as I felt myself getting pulled into the drama and wanting to find out what happened next Wow I loved this book The suspense kept me on the edge of my chair