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Shortlisted for the Costa First Novel AwardGlorious I will be astonished if I read a original, inventive or funnier novel this year Adam Kay, author of This Is Going to HurtPart tender love story, part murder mystery, part hilarious description of a wasted life, and interspersed with some of the funniest poems about the mundane and the profound, Diary of a Somebody is a stunningly original novel from Twitter sensation, Brian BilstonIts January st and Brian Bilston is convinced that this year, his New Years resolution will change his life Every day for a year, he will write a poem Its quite simple Brians life certainly needs improving His ex wife has taken up with a new man, he seems to constantly disappoint his long suffering son, and at work he is drowning in a sea of spreadsheets and management jargon So poetry will be his salvation But there is an obstacle in the form of Toby Salt, his arch nemesis at Poetry Club and rival suitor to Liz, Brians new poetic inspiration When Toby goes missing, just after the announcement of the publication of his first collection, This Bridge No Hands Shall Cleave, Brian becomes the number one suspect If he is to regain his reputation and to have a chance of winning Liz, he must find out what has happened to Toby before it is too late I love Brian Bilston s poetry and was looking forward to reading this It did not disappoint It s kind of how I would expect Adrian Mole to grow up Very funny. Great poems hidden inside a story full of clich s, I just stopped reading the diary. This wonderful book by my only favourite poet Brian Bilston, is actually not entirely a poetry book at all which is what I love about it.It s very funny You should buy it and try it You can come back and moan at me if you don t like it. Loving most of the content, but it really is time that Kindles had a better approach to pictures, and that Kindle versions were checked before release Unlike the font sizes that can change from tiny to huge, pictures are one size fits all , except that it s usually too small And one set of poems, that may be on a single page in the book, or a two page spread, with two columns New Year Haiku Horoscopes, Wed Jan 31st are a mess because the two columns idea is retained, but verses may be spread over two pages rather than just continuing in the same column These would be better without the double columns Other pictures, like the Acoustic Guitar 27 Jan or Inbox 15 Jan are close to unreadable And of course, a poem presented as an image doesn t count as searchable text, so you can t search for Acoustic Guitar