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Loved the storyLoved the charactersLoved the twist turnsLoved the happy ending. This is a fascinating version of Snow White An enjoyable read Would be nice to have a novella a few years later. Gripping from page one to the last one Could feel the cold and definitely the heat Would recommend as a great read. A really cute and sexy reverse harem book Engaging storyline with wonderful characters and intrigue A pleasure to read. I loved this storyline because it had multiple twists and turns It was steamy, fun, thrilling but a little too short for me.It was a page turning book, I couldn t put it down ok Very sexy RH story Seven men is quite overhelming Being chased is even worse Love can find you at any time, however that exact time was best and worst Every of guys with his own, so dwarfy , kind of character And Sasha accepting them so easily There are few little things that disturb me in the plot But all of all I did like this book. I never expected to fall in love And with not just one man But SEVEN filthy rich and hunkydrillers At least thats what they told meSasha SnowI was sent to Iceland on behalf of Mirror, Mirror Inc as a scientistUnfortunately, my jealous and evil manager, Queenie was there with me, and she literally turned this magnificent journey into hellThe only thing that made me feel better was Hunter Davis, my handsome co worker, was gonna be there tooBut what I didnt know, was that on this isolated island, there lived seven even stronger and sexier men Dan, Graham, Harry, Seth, Bash, Stevie and Jim Rough, rugged, and wild, their bodies were to die for and they were all ready to shareThe question was was I ready to handle seven giantum, drills The Seven MenOnce upon a time, there was a beautiful girl who traveled far, far away, straight into our armsHer skin is as white as snow, her eyes are brighter than the shiniest star, and her lips are as red and tasty as cherriesShe was perfect for us, and we all wanted herIt was forbidden, yet so delicious that we couldnt help but taste herAnd once we did, there was no turning back Snow and the Seven Men is a standalone reverse harem romance with seven protective alpha male No cheating or cliffhangers, and a Happily Ever After guaranteed Sasha Snow is finally getting sent to get samples to test for scientific research along with another lab worker and their supervisor to Iceland Sasha and Hunter engage sexually while their supervisor Amanda is passed out from drinking When Hunter finally gets it that nothing is going to happen between the two of them, he refuses to accompany Sasha to gather samples for their research and Amanda also refuses to go Sasha ends up staying longer than she anticipated and when the predicted snow storm hits she gets lost and steps into a bear trap She finds her way to a cabin where she falls asleep on one of the beds The seven men come home and find her bleeding and the bear trap Her injury is taken care of along with getting her into dry clothing During the storm the eight of them become sexually close Amanda and Hunter show up and take Sasha back to the lab with them The men take an immediate disliking to her co workers, but there is nothing they can do to keep Sasha with them Sasha gets up in the night to get some pain medication and overhears a conversation between Amanda and the company they work for Amanda forces Sasha out of the building and tells her that she wouldn t have had to shoot her if she d have drunk the poisoned drinking water or died from exposure during the snow storm Sasha decides to take off toward the cabin where she d felt safe with the seven men Amanda fires off a shot, wounding Sasha While Hunter is subduing Amanda, one of the men comes to Sasha s aide and carries her back to their cabin where her wound is cared for and the decision to immediately leave the area with her was to protect her from further harm Her friend Alex finds out that the men work for the same company and is worried about their intentions to Sasha and warns her to get away from them Read for yourself to see what happens to Sasha, her seven men, Amanda, the company Mirror, Mirror, Inc., and her friend Alex and her reporting of the investigation Sasha requested her to do I really enjoyed this book and I think others will as well. Good storyline and the cover is gorgeous Obviously a twist on the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story I wish the author would have expanded on some of the men better so it was clearer which man correlated with which character There were some minor glitches in the story that were missed in editing but are forgivable A couple items that were a bit far fetched than the storyline itself the author could have expanded Cauterize a gun shot wound with no medical follow up and have multiple rounds of sex less than 8 hours later Can t suspend my disbelief on that one.The premise of the story was entertaining and a great concept Storyline developed well overall Central characters were all well developed The sex scenes were well written given the number of bodies involved lol For being her first reverse harem book she did a great job in that respect.I d read by this author but not one released before a holiday as she mentioned in the end content she squeezed it in to get it published before the holiday More time for editing a story is as important as the time taken to write it.