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This sparkling, escapist, feel good contemporary romance is full to the brim of great banter and beloved tropes a grumpy hero, a sunshiney heroine, delicious forced proximity, and enough puppies to make anyone smileWhen Sophie Vasquez and her sisters dreamed up Puppy Promisetheir service puppy training schoolit was supposed to be her chance to bring some good into the world But how can she expect to do anything when no one will take her seriously Enter Harrison Parks a rough, gruff, take no bull wildlife firefighter in need of a diabetic service dog He couldnt be a unlikely fit for Sophie or Bubblesthe sweet puppy she knows will be his perfect partnerbut when Sophie insists he give them both a shot, something unexpected happens he listens Even better, he keeps on listening, even as Sophie and Bubbles turn his lonely, uber masculine world upside downAs it turns out, they all have something to proveand than enough room in their hearts for a little puppy love

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  1. melinda swaine melinda swaine says:

    Oooh this is a darn great book It kind of knocked me for six as I m ashamed to say that I ve not heard of Lucy Gil before getting this book Now I m wondering how someone who writes such funny, romantic and absorbing story has managed to sneak pass me till now I know its her first book but you can t tell It s funny, charming and so full of heart..I am so EXCITED there will be books in this series Will definitely be picking books up by this amazing author Happy reading everyone

  2. Toots Sullivan Toots Sullivan says:

    This was a typical enemies to lovers story with a service dog and type 1 diabetics It has the perfect family, the wonderful support group of mixed age friends and townsfolk and the happy ever after ending It s like the authour went down the list and ticked off all the things in a typical enemies to lovers story It s very cliched It s also crude, has profanity and the F bomb is used throughout Don t bother.

  3. BookAddict BookAddict says:

    If you like finding new authors who you can stay with for the long haul, you have to check out this first book by Lucy Gil With a unique plot, a riveting storyline, authentic and endearing characters, and prose that lean toward poetic, Gil has secured her future works an automatic spot on my TBR list.With an unconventional premise, Puppy Love features a bit of a love triangle between three main characters, one of which is a Pomeranian named Bubbles Along with her two sisters, Sadie Vasquez is a dog trainer with Puppy Promise who agrees to do a favor for an old friend, Oscar Harrison Parks is a diabetic firefighter and his boss, the aforementioned Oscar, puts Harrison on temporary leave until he has a service dog to alert him when his blood sugar gets in the danger zone.Now, to understand how wonderful this story is, you need to know about both Sophie and Harrison Harrison is a tough nut to crack, and he s been known to make grown men cry during firefighter training His heart isn t simply guarded It s wrapped in barbed wire with mile wide walls around it He would hate for you to feel sorry for him, because he s doing just fine all by his lonesome, but when Sadie and Bubbles invade his life, he doesn t know what hit him He also doesn t stand a chance.Sophie has been protected and coddled all her life, leaving her to feel inferior to her beautiful, accomplished sisters But Sophie knows canines and is confident Bubbles is the perfect pup for Harrison Despite any perceived shortcomings, Sophie is nothing if not determined, and she s not afraid to push Harrison The first crack of Harrison s heart happens in less than twenty four hours, and Bubbles wags her way past the wall and through the barbed wire The next crack is due to the machinations of Sadie, who innately knows just how far to push to draw out that soft marshmallow center Harrison has worked so hard to keep locked down.I loved everything about this book, but especially the relationships between these two females and Harrison Adorable little Bubbles overcomes fear, rises to the occasion and becomes the perfect companion, and both she and Sophie bring out the best in Harrison At its heart, this is a story about overcoming adversity and fear, healing old hurts, finding the best in yourself and bringing out the best in someone else It s sweet and funny, poignant and inspiring, and uplifting and satisfying Give this new author a chance and read Puppy Love You won t be sorry you did I reviewed an advance copy of this book freely and voluntarily, having made no commitment to provide a review and receiving no compensation of any kind from any source for this review.

  4. Gina Jones Gina Jones says:

    This story was very cute I love how much it involved Bubbles the Pomeranian Will definitely read the entire series Only complaint I have is it has the gd word in it A LOT I don t mind cussing in books at all, but this one had that word way too many times Other than that it s a great book

  5. jcat jcat says:

    I primarily read Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Paranormal Occasionally I throw in a mystery, crime, or horror read And although I enjoy any romance that may occur in those genres, I don t read actual romance stories So all I can figure is that either I accidentally downloaded it.or else I fell for the cute doggie on the cover.And make no mistake this is a romance The premise itself was interesting enough a service dog training facility run by three sisters The youngest one finds romance when the hero comes to get a diabetic service animal to help him detect when his sugar levels are off That is the only way his Boss will allow him to return to his job fighting forest fires So in theory, it s a decent idea for a romance series.However, I found the Heroine to be irritating than the self described grouchy Hero The sub plot of his parents reconciliation made absolutely no sense to me, and I didn t like them at all I found it hard to believe that a service dog training facility was operated as portrayed in this story And finally, the entire town of characters was too good to be true At least the sex started about half way through to help relieve my aggravation.But I admit that I m not the best judge of romance stories.so I ll cut this book and Author some slack And say that if you want a Feel good romance with some sex and profanity and a cute puppythis may be the book for you.

  6. esm4 esm4 says:

    I read this after reading the second book, Puppy Christmas, and this one was even adorable The heroine, Sophie, is the youngest of the three sisters and had leukemia as a teen Her family and friends all become extremely overprotective as a result and now, at age 26, she loves them but feels smothered and that no one trusts her to competently run her life She works as a service puppy trainer with her sisters Her first independent job is to find and train a puppy for Harrison, a rough, gruff, growly firefighter with diabetes who recently collapsed due to not monitoring his blood sugar tightly enough Now his boss won t let him come back to work without a service dog to alert him to problems with his blood sugar Harrison s boss knows Sophie and his sisters so he purchases their services.Sophie picks out an adorable Pomeranian puppy for Harrison even though he initially wanted a big strong dog like a Great Dane and can t see how a Pom could possibly fit into his lifestyle Still, Sophie insists, he takes the puppy, Bubbles, home and falls seriously in love with her, even though it turns out she s terrified of fire The scenes with Harrison and Bubbles will melt your heart, he s so sweet and adorable with her His mother deserted him when he was 8 and slipped into a diabetic coma, his dad raised him but never gave him any tenderness, he s a caretaking alpha down to his soul, but no one has ever cared for him until Sophie and Bubbles come into his life I adored this book Definitely a feel good romance all the way.

  7. hough747 hough747 says:

    I am a little confused by this book I am a Type 1 Diabetic in desperate need of a service dog I ve applied for one 14 months ago and have been researching it for over 2 years.That being said, this book has a few errors Maybe not errors, because I cannot swear by the accuracy of my research, but my info comes from the leading dogs for diabetic agencies in the US as of 2019.I ve been taught, the best dogs to truly smell BG fluctuations are larger dogs specifically labs and retrievers Also, the book says the dog was sleeping on a pillow on the protagonist s bed and or chest Ah, no Scent travels like pouring water So diabetic dogs have to sleep on the floor next to the diabetic Otherwise nightime BG changes are less likely to be detected It doesn t matter how much the dog wants to sleep with or near you, you CANNOT acquiesce It s your life on the line Literally.I m not trying to nitpick over details, but since I m applying for a dog I want to know every tidbit of info I can Many families pay over 30K for a dog, because that is how much it costs to train one.I needed an emergency glucagon shot less than 4 hours ago, which saved my life If I had a dog, my life would be so different I m reviewing 4 stars because I so much appreciate the author for shining light on a real problem And I enjoyed the book

  8. Allyson A. Allyson A. says:

    There was so much about this book that I loved Harrison Parks is gruff firefighter, who is told by his boss to go to Puppy Promise to get a service dog, his heart is set on the Great Dane, but what he got instead, was a little tiny Pomeranian, named Bubbles Harrison thinks he s going to step on it, no tiny dog is going to hold its own with him fighting fires.Sophie Vasques is a partner with her other two sisters in Puppy Promise, where they match and train dogs with their owners Sophie has been handled with kid gloves all her life by her family She sees this opportunity to work with Harrison to prove herself, and it doesn t hurt that he likes that she has no qualms to take him on.Bubbles is special, she s a rescue dog, that Sophie just knows is the perfect fit for what Harrison needs, even if he doesn t think so I loved that we got sneak peaks at Harrison s tenderness and behind that heart of stone was one of compassion I loved how Sophie was able to see through the Parks men, their gruffness and little by little they changed This story was filled with so many laugh out loud moments, that my husband was constantly giving me the side eye It s also a very sweet heart warming story

  9. Rgrainer Rgrainer says:

    Harrison is this big, gruff man who reduces everyone he meets to tears or fear That doesn t work with a cute Pomeranian service puppy, or her cute little trainer Sophie They both stand up to him There is a lot of character development in this story We learn so much about both of them, and Bubbles is just the icing on the cake This adorable puppy is just the perfect addition to this story I love the whole premise of this series You get a large preview of the next book which is out now.If you like realistic contemporary romances with vivid characters, a leisurely pace and a hopeful tone, then this story is for you Even though Harrison is a wildfire fighter, there isn t any real action The strength of this story is in the characters and their interaction Enjoy

  10. Dilmit30 Dilmit30 says:

    If you read a lot of romance books, this basic plot is not very original when it comes to the happily ever after But it is worth every minute of the read to get there Big tough man, too stubborn to let anyone in, plus a female character who learns she is stronger because of him and therefore stronger than he ever can be without her Sounds random, but the verbal banter and the ridiculous in a good way situations that play out between the two main characters via a very tiny Pomeranian are just absolutely great I m highly looking forward to reading in this series A fantastic light read that is uplifting, sexy, funny, and heartfelt.

  11. Stephanie Burgis Samphire Stephanie Burgis Samphire says:

    A super cute and fluffy rom com for adults, with great banter and dogs that really do act like dogs Not everything in the ending of the book worked for me for one thing, the hero was expected to automatically forgive some relatives who REALLY owed him the courtesy of sincere apologies first but I still enjoyed the whole book hugely, and I ve preordered Book 2 in the series I adored the loving and complicated relationships among the heroine and both of her sisters and their mom, and I can t wait to read about their family.

  12. Celeste Celeste says:

    I bought this book for my mom as a gift and she absolutely loved it

  13. Carole Carole says:

    An interesting plot idea, funny in itself, lays the groundwork for an entertaining romance Sophie, a somewhat insecure service dog trainer, trains a little puppy to alert rugged rude fire fighter Harrison He s expecting a real dogs so the idea of him carrying around a puppy in a pouch is funny Sophie gains confidence and Harrison s heart opens in this romp of a romance Of course the star is the puppy, Bubbles.

  14. pc pc says:

    She s a puppy trainer for service dogs She and her two sisters run the business He s a firefighter with diabetes and needs an alert dog He wants a Great Dane but is given a Pomeranian There are issues with helping him but it all works out.

  15. booklover booklover says:

    What could be better than a hot fireman and a puppy This book had all the feels Harrison is the tough fireman with walls around his heart due to his past That sure doesn t stop our heroine Sophie from working her magic on his tough exterior though The author really gets you into feeling like you know the characters and you want to be their friends Especially Bubbles Can you say Hallmark movie 5 stars