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OllieWord of advice dont come out to random guys in public restrooms Even if theyre charming and adorably nerdy and offer to help.My family believe I cant be happy if Im not out to the world I have a bitter ex boyfriend and an unstable NHL career to show for it A fake boyfriend seems like an easy and quick solution to get my family off my back, and this guy is volunteering I take him up on it without asking his name.I really shouldve asked for his name.LennonWord of advice learn how to introduce yourself properly.In my defense, I dont recognize Ollie Strmberg right away I cover football, not hockey.Im not supposed to see him again, and hes never supposed to find out Im a reporter.That all changes when my editor reassigns me.Its a lesson I shouldve learned by now Nothings changed since high school Jocks still hate nerds But even worse, athletes hate journalists Especially ones who know their secret Deke is a full length MM novel with a HFN HEA and no cliffhanger The story of nerdy sports journalist Lennon and closeted hockey player Ollie Lennon and Ollie s story fits nicely into the fake boyfriend universe, while covering fresh new ground The development of Lennon and Ollie s relationship was great they have amazing chemistry when they first meet until Ollie finds out that Lennon is the sports reporter he loathes I would give this novel five stars just for Lennon, because I love his character so much It was refreshing to read a romance with a realistic journalist athlete dynamic and I m glad the novel acknowledged that dating an athlete could harm Lennon s career as a sports journalist Ollie s struggles with his over supportive family were also a fresh and interesting twist on a coming out story I loved his growth as a character throughout the novel and how his relationship with Lennon helped him stand up to his family I also loved the supporting characters Lennon s friendships with Jet and Noah are everything Can I apply to live in Noah s townhouse with them Please 3.5 stars Maybe even 3.75 stars I think Deke might be my favorite in the series yet, though the banter in Trick Play was better Either way, Deke is all heart I like how the author chose to out Lennon so to speak as a journalist early on The easier route would ve been to keep the ruse going and I think most authors would have made that choice It felt like Lennon and Ollie were on equal footing, their chemistry was insane without being unbelievable Ollie s family was made up of such unique characters and yet they worked as a family.This book made me think the way none of the other books in the series have How much does a person owe society his or her coming out We ve all been guilty of speculating who s in the closet and who isn t Just because our heart is in the right place and we are ready to wave that rainbow flag, what is coming out really like for the person going through it I d hate to think of reactions to someone s coming out being non favorable, but isn t that the reality I can t even imagine people saying the flippant things they say about something that s so deeply personal, something that is so interwoven with your character.Scratch that I m giving this 4 stars For making me think For daring to address a subject no author to my knowledge has been willing to tackle so far. 4 stars L VED it Ollie and Lennon are just MFEO Ms Finley is fast becoming my go to author for escapist, funny and steamy reads This book was no exception and despite my zero knowledge of NHL or hockey, Ollie just sucked me into his world his game, his large, loving and meddling family, his insecurities and his dreams I wish we got to know a little about Lennon s background nevertheless his geeky look and personality are just the perfect match for the brawny Ollie Ollie confides to Lennon in a moment of vulnerability about being gay and his need for a fake boyfriend to ward off his overtly supportive family and this leads to a case of mistaken identity for Ollie Lennon pretends to be Ollie s fake BF Clark in front of his family but does not disclose to Ollie that he is a sports journalist, thinking that they would never meet again But destiny intervenes when months later, Ollie has been traded to play for an NY team and Lennon is the journalist writing critical articles about Ollie s play Their paths cross and after the initial arguments and clarification, the undeniable chemistry between the two proves to be too much and they begin a not so fake relationship What happens when Ollie s family finds out Will Ollie be outed to NHL and the world or will Lennon hide his relationship with Ollie Not gonna spoil it for anyone but want to say that it was another awesome book in this Fake Boyfriend series and I highly recommend it Can t wait for Talon and Miller s story. OK, there are four stars on this review but at times it was going to be five, and at times it was going to be three, so you can call it what you wish I will tell you what I liked and what drove me up the wall.Five stars Lennon, a seriously altruistic and also very ethical character with the heart and soul of a true journalist other than he somehow overlooks the fact that his budding relationship with Ollie is a roaring conflict of interest That his is not very much smaller than Ollie, and that he is not on the cover but vividly described as looking like a blond Clark Kent, is refreshing in an era when big muscular tatted hunks like Ollie fall in lust with little guys.Three stars The cover Please, that s supposed to be pro hockey player Ollie I know one or two things about hockey players mostly Canadians but Ollie is from Boston , and I don t think there are too many built like this or covered in as many tatts Just too extreme.Five stars When it happens, the sex is sizzling.Three stars Ollie is totally and completely obsessed with Lennon as a sexual object for too long that he risks being a cardboard character.Five stars The integration of the MC s from the first two books Maddox and Damon, Matt and Noah and new characters with books to follow Jet Soren, Talon Miller holds the book together with a community of mutual interests and savvy insights.Three stars Ollie s well meaning but overbearing parents and four moose like brothers Just too much testosterone and condescension.Add it up I liked it enough to make an effort to get the author s other MM books, but most importantly to pounce once the next two in this series are published in a sub series.