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The stultifying and dehumanising effects of a caste based society and the seductive but ultimately destructive nature of vengeance lie at the heart of Evan Winter s taleExpertly structured with a keen eye for action and character, The Rage of Dragons is a captivating epic heroic fantasy from a major new talent Anthony Ryan, author of BLOOD SONG Intense, inventive and action packed from beginning to end a relentlessly gripping, brilliant read James Islington, author of THE SHADOW OF WHAT WAS LOST Winter s stunning debut fantasy epic is rich in complex characters and a well wrought world with both European and African influencesThis impressive series launch holds tremendous promise PUBLISHERS WEEKLY People ask the last book I couldn t put down, and I tell themThe Rage of Dragons The tension rises with every page until you fear it will break you in two Peter V Brett, bestselling author of THE PAINTED MAN The Rage of Dragons takes the best parts of epic fantasy and sets them in a refreshing and inventive new world, a gripping tale that makes clear the true cost of war and colonialism with one of the most enthralling hero s journeys I ve read S A Chakraborty, author of CITY OF BRASS A refreshingly brutal and imaginative tale of survival and revenge Evan Winter s battles are visceral, bloody masterpieces, and Tau s climb from exiled Lesser to Igonyama is earned in a way few writers could ever match David Dalglish, author of A DANCE OF CLOAKS Intense, vivid and brilliantly realized a necessary read Anna Smith Spark, author of THE COURT OF BROKEN KNIVES Compelling, expansive and rich Winter has created an exciting and immersive world of magic, vengeance and wonder Micah Yongo, author of LOST GODS A Xhosa inspired world complete with magic, dragons, demons and curses, The Rage of Dragons takes classic fantasy and imbues it with a fresh and exciting twist Anna Stephens, author of GODBLIND Fast paced, incredibly engaging, and brimming with tensionEvan Winter is another new fantasy voice to watch out for his voice deserves to be heard and his book deserves to be readThe Rage of Dragons is a breathtaking fantasy debut NOVEL NOTIONS Game of Thrones meetsGladiator in this gripping, action packed epic fantasy debut set in a brutal world of war, dark magic and dragons

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