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Miller When Talon left to play pro ball six years ago, the hole in my chest confused me I focused my heartache into making my own NFL dreams come true, and by the time I was drafted, the longing I had for my best friend was buried deepNow he wants everything to be like it was in college, but we cant have threesomes and be reckless like we once were The media storm would be enough to break both our careersThats not my biggest concern though The torch I had for him burns brighter after so long apart, and theres nothing I can do about it Marcus Talon is straightI need to stay away from himTalon Years ago, Miller and I made a pact that wed win a Super Bowl together When Im offered a position on his team in Chicago, I dont hesitate I move across the country to chase a dream thats a decade oldOnly, now that Im here, hes avoiding me every chance he gets If he was anyone else, Id cut my lossesBut this is Shane Millerthe guy who makes everything better just by existing in my universe The guy Id do anything for The guy whos to me than a brother, a friend, or even a teammateIm not going to let him get awayBlindsided is a full length MM novel with a HFN HEA and no cliffhange Unlike the other books in the Fake Boyfriend universe, Blindsided does not contain a fake boyfriend trope You re so worth the risk You re worth everything This book hit the friends to lovers spot It gave me so many things that I love about the trope, plus so much The already established history and connection Miller and Talon have been friends since college, and from sharing women to sharing dreams, these two are meant to be in each other s lives The secret pining It s my kryptonite I love it and gobble it up and I got it here from Miller with just the right amount of feels Evaluation and experimentation Talon needs to take a step back and evaluate his feelings for Miller and whether they ve evolved over time or if his connection to his best friend has always been something something he hasn t paid attention to until now And then, the terrific experimentation of those feelings A wonderful cast of secondary characters I love this cast of characters and the family they ve become And Maddox definitely stole the show anytime he offered his sage advice He s come so far from his book and I ve seriously missed his sense of humor.If you re looking for an addicting read with endearing characters and a great friends to lovers story set against a NFL backdrop.this is the book for you I love this book The relationship between Talon and Miller it s so beautiful The story is well written and the development of the characters is really smooth. Enjoyed Miller and Talon s story Friends to lovers is one of my favourite tropes Especially when one of those friends is pansexual It kind of makes their relationship just that little bit special There are lots of ups and downs throughout their story Loved Talon s brother, Trey I really hope he has a story.Love this series would highly recommend. Love this series Everyone is a winner.