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Senior year is here, and everything is on the line Benoits time to shine in the crease is now, and hes going to do everything he can to make sure those professional scouts take notice Hes earned a great reputation for his skills in the net, and his laid back demeanor is his key to maintaining his cool when things get heated in the goal creaseAs the Eagles roar into a new season, Bens laser sharp focus is shattered by his attraction to Ethan Girard, the teams new defensive consultant Trying his best to ignore the budding friendship thats taking a hard, fast turn into something far passionate, Ben is determined to keep his mind on the sport he loves and not let his feelings for the handsome older man creep into his performance But love, like hockey, is wildly unpredictable, and soon Ben finds that hes unable to distance himself from Ethan who is slowly and surely working himself into his heartFamed Boston defenseman, Ethan Girard, isnt stupid Celebrating his thirty second birthday in the emergency room after breaking his leg, and with a warning that healing will be a long process, he knows he has to think about his future He was drafted at eighteen, and hes never known anything but hockey, but with no contract in place yet for the new season he considers that maybe its time for him to hang up his skates for goodVolunteering to help out with the Owatonna Eagles fills his time, but from the moment he lays eyes on goalie Ben, he knows his world will never be the same again Falling in lust is as easy as stealing his first kiss, but Ben refuses to engage Has Ethan finally met his match When the lines between career and love blur, will Ethan and Ben find a way to create a future that will work for both of them

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  1. kanyezi kanyezi says:

    So far I really liked all the Hockey Romances centered around the Railers universe, so I was prepared to love this one as well Unfortunately, it fell short Whereas in the other stories, characters are developed and there is some kind of love story, here it is pretty much a love at first sight story line without any interaction between the main characters Benoit and Ethan see each other once, and whoops, Benoit decides he can focus on romance as well as his carreer and school and Ethan decides he can retire It feels like unfortunately the authors tried to include all the other many characters that are in the series in some way and in the mean time forgot the main characters for this series Really unfortunate, cause both Benoit and Ethan are characters that deserve a story of their own.

  2. emse emse says:

    geschriebene und zusammengest ckelte Story Am Ende des einen Kapitel schw rt Benoit sich selbst nichts mit Ethan anzufangen und am Anfang des n chsten Kapitels presst er ihn gegen die Wand und k sst Ethan und schwupps sie sind zusammen Da fehlt mir doch ein bisschen die Entwicklung dieser Sinneswandlung Au erdem fand ich die Story recht langweilig Und die Stalkergeschichte im Ganzen sehr unglaubw rdig Sollte das Buch wohl spannender machen Hat es aber nicht.

  3. janet janet says:

    Good series

  4. joe mcgowan joe mcgowan says:

    The last in the series of Owatonna college hockey stories comes to an end, unfortunately it is the weakest I enjoyed the pairing of college Ben with hockey veteran Ethan It is the introduction of Ethan s family in the first chapters, and their subsequent disappearance from the story than causes me to take 1 stars away Given the issues that arise in the story, I would have thought that they would have played a prominent role they had a strong presence in the initial scene, they all live in the same town, and Ethan s brother is a fireman, it made no sense to have them in the story I took another 1.5 stars away because I felt too many plot lines filled the book The story contains A disease that affects people of African decent, race discrimination in a primarily white sport, stalking and mental health issues, policing and people of color, all in less than 200 pages I m unsure if I m going to read the Raptor series that is upcoming.

  5. JennDonald JennDonald says:

    This is such a fun series to read and I really enjoy following this team and Benoit and Ethan are a great addition This can be read as a stand alone but since the series is so good I would recommend all the books, plus it s fun to reconnect with the other characters Benoit is trying to make his whole focus about his senior year, no distractions Ethan is recovering from a broken leg and trying to figure out what is next for him The connection between these two is there right from the start, no matter how much Ben tries to deny it.I thought these two were great together, and I love the age difference component They made my heart happy and I enjoyed their journey Great characters, great story and great hockey A must read series and I m excited to see what they do next

  6. Insert interesting name Insert interesting name says:

    I was disappointed by this book Riley s a better writer than this, so the problems with this one are strange There was no process of them falling in love Every time one of them said they loved the other, I was put off because I didn t know where it came from Plenty of typos The biggest problem for me was the inconsistencies Ethan burns toast because he can t cook, but later cooks for Benoit, who loves it There are several others Based on the previous books in the series and her other writing, I expected better.

  7. Amy Amy says:

    Benoit is focused on school, hockey and nothing else No distractions well until he sees this handsome bearded man Who happens to be a NHL player, who volunteers to help Benoit s team And soon he can t resist Ethan This is a story with hockey YAY , friendship, family, age gap, intrigue and a loving relationship Loved it Awesome series

  8. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Last book in this series was Awesome Looking forward to newCharacters and new stories coming from RJ and VL and I mAnxious to keep reading