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I never really thought Id be capturedDespite being born an Omega, I refused to spend my life in a facility, waiting for a suitable Alpha to claim me as his Instead, with the help of my family, I broke the law, hiding among the Betas, trying to live a normal life I enjoyed five years of freedom then they caught me Now Ive been chosen by Arius, the second most powerful Alpha in Sandor The moment my scent reached him, overcome by the rut, he had to take me As his mate, I can have anything my heart desires anything he has the power to giveThe only thing I dont have is a choicePublishers Note This dark MF Omegaverse romance contains elements of power exchange and explicit scenes which may trigger some readers

9 thoughts on “Primal Possession: A Dark Omegaverse Romance (Alphas of Sandor Book 1) (English Edition)

  1. Susanakat Susanakat says:

    Wow This has been the first Alpha Omega book I ve read and I loved it Really like how the author describes what the main character are going through and the meaning of being and Alpha and an Omega.Steamy scenes masterfully written and great evolution of the characters from being strangers and trapped in their frenzy hormones for what they are to become a real couple that understand, care and love each other deeply and freely.I wish there was a book 2 I d like to know about other characters like Arious best friend D

  2. Cheffie Cheffie says:

    This is the first book by Tabitha Black I have read and it was a good fast paced read, so much so I read it in one sitting I like both Arius and Saskia and their back stories and how they came together and while this is not as dark as others I have read it is still a great hot read.

  3. Redrabbitt Redrabbitt says:

    What a great start to a new series and one that keeps the pages turning Saskia has managed to elude the authorities as an Omega from being placed in the Facility on her eighteenth birthday She convinced her family to allow her that freedom, knowing that it could lead to their death But her five years of exile has ended and on the night that the Alphas come to see if they will find their Omega Omegas had just one purpose To breed The plot will have Saskia captured, and the Trappers assume she is an escaped Omega from the Facility Without time to be prepared, she and the other Omegas are paraded in front of the Alphas, among them will be Arius and his best friend, Evander His nostrils flared as if in slow motion, and her heart beat a frantic tattoo in her chest as he inhaled and she watched his expression change from one of mild curiosity to a look of raw, primal hunger He looked like he would devour her It is good to have power, and as an heir to the throne, he can overrule protocol and does just that when the Trappers want to intercede and control the situation She will be coming home with me now She will be my mate Remember whom you are addressing This is Arius Sandarus, sole heir to Sandor If he wishes to circumvent protocol and take this woman home with him, it is his right to do so EvanderTaking her back to his home comes with Saskia trying to convince him that she isn t that one I don t want to be your mate Your body says otherwise And that s all that matters, little Omega You re in estrus now, your slick dripping into my hand, so don t pretend you don t want this Besides, this is what you were born for And you should be on your knees, thanking the gods that I chose you A lesser man a lesser Alpha wouldn t have been so patient With me, you ll have the finest food, the respect of the people, and the honor of bearing the future ruler of Sandor In fact, the only thing you won t have is a choice Don t ask me for something I cannot give you You are an Omega, and the gods have chosen you to be my mate That s a reality neither you or I can escape.The story is full of betrayal, deceit, desperation, and throw in a deranged King who believes he can take what isn t his It is life and death, dominance and submission, give and take Will Saskia learn to accept her new role and trust that Arius is than just an Alpha claiming his Omega Will she have an impact to help him understand the plight of the Betas What will become of his Uncle Deimos Will her family suffer for helping protect and hide her Who would have thought that by following her destiny and becoming an Alpha s mater, she would have far opportunity to help people than if she d simply remained in hiding While this is an Omegaverse tale, it is not without passion, chemistry, and two people caring for each other even if it takes Saskia time to acknowledge that truth It is a dominant and powerful Alpha who will take on anyone, including his Uncle to keep the woman that the fates have brought to him While he is in control, he cares about her, about her comfort, and her pleasure even before his own The story has multiple sex scenes Just know this, little Omega I cannot wait to sink my teeth into your soft skin and proclaim to the world that you belong to me, body, and soul Forever.

  4. IX IX says:

    For lack of a better term, it was kind of a squishy kind of book The opening chapters were interesting but as it went on, the characters were too good natured and accepting, and the villain never felt like a threat The events kind of happen over the course of one week Overall, it felt very Disney esque in ways than one and not really a dark omegaverse story.

  5. Mandy Mandy says:

    Yes, this book was hot and steamy Yes, it was a good depiction of what I have come to love from Omegaverse romance and yes, I loved that it had a hea but there was just that something lacking that prevented me from giving this a full 5 star rating.That said, this was still a great read A warning though that this book contains scenes that some may not enjoy or find disturbing this is a dark fantasy romance with Alphas, Omegas and Betas and contains forced seduction I would not recommend this book for readers under 18.I really enjoyed how the author managed to portray the Alpha hero Arius he is a true alpha in that he can be cruel but he also has a softer side to him and a conscience when it comes to his Omega, Saskia Saskia has hidden from the authorities who keep all Omegas trapped in a facility until they are claimed by the alpha mates She gets caught and when Arius sees her for the first time, he immediately knows she is the one he has been looking for his whole life His mate At the start of their relationship, she tries to fight her feelings but in the end accepts it.As I said before, this book is HOT It is also has a good plot, is well written from a dual pov and can be read as a standalone has a hea It managed to hold my interest throughout I would recommend this book for lovers of Omegaverse as well as those who enjoy a bit of darkness when reading romance.

  6. Abbella Di Noto Abbella Di Noto says:

    Great beginning and ending passionate great sexHeroine is strong, alpha stronger perfectly matedI look forward to the story continuing with other characters from this COUNTRY OF SANDOR all hail KING ARIUS and his new QUEEN

  7. Dragonfly Dragonfly says:

    I like it Didn t love it though The characters felt kind of rushed Like there wasn t time to do what they wanted to do The entire cast was just kind of there The guard that betrayed the future King was morally lacking IDK Four Stars on this one.

  8. Tracy P Tracy P says:

    It was a good read but I kept waiting for the story to pick up as it was dragging Maybe the next one will be better.

  9. PB PB says:

    The book started out okay, the whole plot for the story was very interesting Although half way through it felt rushed and lost its flare.The characters started off very interesting, but they slowly lost their edge and became very bland and fairytale feeling.Only finished reading because I paid for it.