Free Best Enemy Tyes: Great Falls Academy, Episode 7 (English Edition)Author Alex Lidell –

So for soon reason I was under the impression that this was the end That I would get my conclusion and I would get to got through the happy because I finished an amazing series but mad because it s over Instead I have to endure another month of torture Another month of waiting Why Alex why Every episode Lera gets closer to her guys Last time it was Coal this time it s Tye and River Although I thought it would have been River or Shade, if we ever hear from shade, that would break the seal magic And then to learn Rabbit has known all along that Lera, River, Coal, Shade, and Tye were Fae is something amazing in and of itself And I thought it was crazy But I see he is going to be important I think in the coming book somehow I also think the demon cat is Han.On another note Zake is a punk A little biatch once he realizes he doesn t have the upper hand A coward for only beating on Lera because she was smaller and weaker And now he has been reduced to a weak man who peed himself He gets no sympathy from me.So here I go pinning away for the last book. Lera burned him Now its Tyes turnTye has sacrificed everything for his chance at the Prowess Trials, and Leras betrayal in reporting his injuries nearly ended it all Now there is nothing left but to kick Lera out of his worldand ensure the eviction staysWith less than a week until the continents royals descend upon the Academy, Lera has only one last idea for staying close to the high value targets join the Prowess team made up of their children Lera thinks shes ready to do whatever it takes But when the emerald eyed captain starts bullying her into quitting, she faces her greatest test yetAs the hours tick down toward the opening ceremonies, Lera must prepare to fight for the mortal worldif she can survive Tyes assault on her soul ENEMY TYES is the seventh episode in the GREAT FALLS ACADEMY novella series The story takes place in the same world as Alexs KDP All Star winning POWER OF FIVE novels but can be read independently Compared to the last 6 drawn out mini books, this episode is better with actual plot progression Although better would not be difficult for this series It s hard to praise a series for taking 7 books to almost progress back to where the plot began at book 1 before memories and the whole point of this series stalled I say almost because two main characters still don t have their memories back, 7 books on.I preordered this book before the last poor teaser episode when I thought it was the final Mistake It s the last I will buy in this painfully drawn out series The rest will be KU borrows if I read them simply to get to the end.Needless to say, it s a rotten way to treat readers to take so long to tell a basic story, serve it up in overly short episodes charged at full book price, and then make it worse by implying the story would conclude by book 7 Nope It seems we have 2 teasers to go.Two stars for a drawn out series I do not recommend, despite minor long delayed progress Borderline one star. I loved this book and I love this series I can t wait for the next book to see where it goes The emotion and the action in these books in intense and enjoyable The love story is epic I recommend this book and series highly. This addition to the series was just as wonderful as all the others AL hits it out of the park every time with this series and I cant get enough My only comment would be that I think the guys are getting off a bit easily for their treatment of Lera On one hand, I get it bc the magic is working against them and is very persuasive and powerful, but I still feel a bit of groveling is in order I suppose at the moment, Lera is so absorbed in trying to win against the evil closing around them that she little has time to really explore the psychological impact of her mates mistreating her so And she has admitted several times that she now realizes how much the mate bond has driven their feelings for each other throughout the series I, personally, would enjoy a conclusion that included the guys working for Lera as hard as she has been working for them As she pointed out previously, they never even courted her and she has never been on a date Gestures such as that, I feel would go a long ways for the story Either way, I absolutely can NOT wait to see how this all ends And we still have to Bring River and Shade over too I LOVE this world and these characters and as long as AL keeps putting out this level of quality writing, I am going to continue lapping these books up as fast as they can be released. Holy crap did that just happen Between Tye and Coal this book had me on the edge of my seat I was so shocked at times I may have re read parts just to make sure I read it right Really loved this novella I like the story but its chopped up in to too many books so you dont get a good read in before the book is over. Love this book and love this series cant wait for the next one Anything Alex Lidell writes I read Her books are amazing and she always takes me into another world when I read her work This series is no different I ve loved every book and can t wait for the last of the series to be released The short story serial format is something new and I think Alex Lidell has done it well Each new book in this serial is powerhouse read fast paced and exciting The storyline progresses quickly through each one I m glad I waited to read this series until it was almost finished because it has certainly been amazing reading book after book and seeing the bigger picture come together.I ve loved this series just as much as I loved the first The story of the five Fae hasn t become stale and I hope that Alex writes another about the five of them in a third series.