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The Sound and the Furyis the tragedy of the Compson family, featuring some of the most memorable characters in literature beautiful, rebellious Caddy the manchild Benjy haunted, neurotic Quentin Jason, the brutal cynic and Dilsey, their black servant Their lives fragmented and harrowed by history and legacy, the characters voices and actions mesh to create what is arguably Faulkners masterpiece and one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century Divided into four sections, the history is narrated by three Compson brothersBenjamin, Quentin, and Jasonfollowed by a section by an omniscient narrator Come primo libro letto di Faulkner devo ammettere la difficolt , soprattutto nella prima met del libro.Il linguaggio narrativo complesso, volutamente caotico e di difficile comprensione.Ci non di meno, quando si inizia a conoscere pi in dettaglio gli accadimenti non prima della met del libro , la storia diventa appassionante.Manca, alla fine di questa edizione, una postfazione e la presentazione dei personaggi protagonisti della storia aggiunta da Faulkner e presente in altre edizioni.Sconsigliato a chi desidera una lettura semplice, leggera e rilassante. Chatissimo The Everyman collection is a superb way to build a library, beautiful books, well bound and printed.This work by Faulkner is just as impenetrable in this edition as in any other though it is a great read justfor the difficulty in understanding alone Everytime that you read it one piece of the jigsaw seems to fall into place. So after making it through this book, I am now ready to tackle Ulysses It took the first chapter and a half for everything to fall into place for me The most difficult part of reading this book, was the back and forth in time, place and voice, throughout the narrative Although I have read other books using a stream of consciousness kind of writing, I was was just not getting what was happening for the first part of the book The author does provide clues and once I slowed down and let things sit, I finally got it, italics and all.The language is challenging, as Faulkner wrote in dialect and I found myself hearing the dialogue in my head Once I let go of plot and setting, and allowed myself to be immersed in the characters, I started to enjoy reading this book This is certainly not a beach novel or a page turner, but rather a dismal sort of dirge for a grand old Southern family in decline, as illustrated by four days, in the lives of two generations I would recommend this book for anyone that is looking for an experience that is worth the effort it takes to read a piece of American literature, that does not quite fit into any genre. OK cover Another waste from Faulkner The people who deem this as classic must be the most boring fellows in the world.Why should anyone read Faulkner Can he even be called a writer He, probably, is fond of hearing his sound Just likein Absalom, long sentences with no grammar and punctuation The people who gave five stars are right in one point, you have to make a story out of this jumble of words If you yourself is a good writer, probably you will like it Then the author is you, not Faulkner. There must be something special for a story to reach the top rank of American, and Southern, literature I struggled through the first two sections, the first difficult and the second like Bloom s day walking Dublin The third and fourth sections were less challenging, however, Jason the tattletell grows into a mean racist that rules over the family s faded past There are few symbols to hang themes on or follow through, but the mother s chronic helplessness, Benjy s cosmic howling, and absent, dead or distant family members, paint a picture of compressed hopelessness Read the dialect out loud That helped build my appreciation for Faulkner. Hard going but worth the effort The Sound and the Fury is one of the most difficult books I ve ever read I went into it without any context and was very confused and frustrated at times during the first two sections, Benjy s and Quentin s I had to be patient and remember that Benjy was mentally challenged, and Quentin was a neurotic mess I envy Faulkner s ability to build characters through the points of view of other characters Although I wouldn t consider this to be my favorite of his books, I would be mistaken if I didn t regard this as his masterpiece.