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We pulled the trigger and braced ourselves for the fallout We were ready for anything Or so we thoughtWar revealed our greatest weaknesses, the ones inside of us that we kept hidden It forced us to face our vulnerabilities, to overcome the battles within that threatened to hold us prisonerEnemies came in all forms, but so did strength As a united front, we were unstoppable Our power came from each other, and our greatest weapon was about to be unleashed

6 thoughts on “Defiance Falls War (English Edition)

  1. Brittany LC Bailey Brittany LC Bailey says:

    Defiance Falls Trilogy, so worth reading This final installment, Defiance Falls War has it all, romance, revenge and amazing characters Must read books Hazel and Cruz have not had it easy, every time you think they finally catch a break for their relationship or for themselves, something happens Cruz s objective is always to keep Hazel safe but by book 3 they are so deep in he doesn t know if he can even keep himself safe They have so many hurdles to overcome for their happy ending but can they get it The relationship Hazel has with each guy Moody, Bodhi, Emmett and Spike, in the series is unique Even though two are her cousins, they know how important she is to their group and how much they need her.Ali Dean comes through once again, certainly no complaints or disappointments in this book or this series Just bummed it is the last book to end the trilogy, sorry, I loved these main characters so much This book has the ending I hoped for I promise you will want to read these books

  2. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Hazel, Cruz, Emmett, Moody, Spike and Bodhi with Jeremys help get it all figured out and the Malones get what they deserve Ali Dean has written another excellent series first Pepper Jones then Stark Springs Academy and now Defiance Falls What will come out of her brain and fingers next I did an ARC review and bought the books, all 3 of them and sent them to my daughter.

  3. Heather Kerby Heather Kerby says:

    The final book in the Defiance War trilogy hit all of my expecations Hazel and Cruz, along with their friends, fight for justice in their town Along the way they navigate just how they want their relationship to look, and what they want in the future Ali Dean does a great job showing just how much the firendships realtionships mean to each member of their group.

  4. Kerri Kerri says:

    This was a great ending to a great series I enjoyed every book in this series, and I can t wait to see what else this author has in store.

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Absolutely love these characters Cruz and Haze stole my heart They all had such a strong bond Absolutely a must read

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This we a fun series to read I know weird to say about this style book but really it rocked.