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Love the game, not the playerIts always a bad sign at an interview when your would be employer orders you to stripespecially if the job is as the nanny to a grieving little girl Its even worse if youre tempted to do itZach Pennington is a football star and now, suddenly, a single dad to a niece he barely knows Hes also the most arrogant, clueless, vulnerable, sexy, stubborn, big hearted man Ive ever met, but Payton needs me, and I know what it feels like to be orphanedI just have to remember Rule Number One Zach might be a great player, on the field and off, but I know better than to fall for my bossBy the way, Im proud to say that I didnt strip for himthenA GAME CHANGER is a standalone word romance novella It s got a sexy football star, a sassy young nanny, and a cutie pie little girl There may or may not be muffins and or penguins