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One Of The Greatest Epic Fantasies Of Our Time, The Fellowship Of The Ring Has Inspired Generations Of Fans, Thanks To Tolkien S Unparalleled Skill For Crafting Intricately Woven Narratives In Audiobook Form, The Story Is Taken To A Whole New Level A BBC Radio Full Cast Dramatisation Of The First Book In JRR Tolkien S Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Brian Sibley S Famous Adaptation, Starring Ian Holm And Michael Hordern, Has Been Divided Into Three Corresponding Parts, With Newly Recorded Beginning And End Narration By Ian Holm

8 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Dramatised)

  1. R H. R H. says:

    Great version.

  2. Mica brown Mica brown says:


  3. tactical-player.co.uk Customer tactical-player.co.uk Customer says:

    Really enjoying this.

  4. albert brown albert brown says:

    I know this dramatisation well from original cassettes and love, it but I listen in the kitchen or when I m doing things around the house The volume is relatively low so I m it s not as useful as I had hoped It s ok listening quietly to it Disappointed with volume.

  5. robert robert says:

    This is a dramatisation of the story, with a full cast representing the characters and narrator Sound effects, music and descriptions are used to convey scenes and events, as opposed to Tolkien s original lengthy prose.You will NOT be listening to someone reading the entire book.That being said, this is one of my favourite interpretations of The Lord Of The Rings The cast play their roles brilliantly, with a special nod to Ian Holm who plays Frodo , and to whoever it is who voices Sam Every voice is wonderfully cast.The story is very artfully moved along without resorting to long descriptive narration, and although some scenes from the book are not used or abridged, as is the case with Peter Jackson s great movies, I think this only IMPROVES the telling of the tale within the limitations of a dramatised adaptation.This was the first audio dramatisation I ever listened to, and I come back to it again and again.This review applies equally to The Two Towers and The Return Of The King I can t praise these highly enough.

  6. tony butler tony butler says:

    This is a great audio book, originally done for radio BBCa full cast presents the story line and the narration carries you through the journey taken by the characters from there off set to journeys end The story was over 13 discs but is now presented in 2 parts For me it leaves stories narrated by one reader firmly in the shadow of mordor.

  7. oskar gregersen oskar gregersen says:

    A disappointment for me, I was expecting something akin to Steven Fry reading Harry Potter, but this is nothing like that Expect a story that veers along the lines of the true fellowship story, but isn t up to par.

  8. Sleather2010 Sleather2010 says:

    Give us a chance precious I haven t even started listening to it yet