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Unabridged, lovely voice Will have to listen in the car as I keep falling asleep, but it is easy to rewind In the book I bought, the print was unclear even with reading glasses so this is a far better way to enjoy the book Very cheeky book and that comes across rather better than the BBC adaptation. Just perfect A bit wordy and in many ways dated, not least in its treatment of women and serfs, nevertheless War and Peace is in all other respects as valid today as when it was written I have probably read it six or so times in my sixty years and still love the characterisation Human nature really has not changed at all I will read this one day A must read classic. Half way through and I m still gripped. BUT why oh why call him Prince Andrew That is not russian Often Called The Greatest Novel Ever Written, War And Peace Is At Once An Epic Of The Napoleonic Wars, A Philosophical Study, And A Celebration Of The Russian Spirit Tolstoy S Genius Is Clearly Seen In The Multitude Of Characters In This Massive Chronicle, All Of Them Fully Realized And Equally Memorable Out Of This Complex Narrative Emerges A Profound Examination Of The Individual S Place In The Historical Process, One That Makes It Clear Why Thomas Mann Praised Tolstoy For His Homeric Powers And Placed War And Peace In The Same Category As The Iliad War And Peace Was Translated By Constance Garnett