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Hard Times is split into three books, entitled Sowing, Gathering and Reaping The first tells us of the utilitarianism of Gradgrind and his friend Bounderby We are made to understand very quickly what they are about, but this is a polemic and Dickens lays it on with a trowel such that I found that first book thematically repetitive to the detriment of plot progression But I am glad I persevered because once the story did get going, I became thoroughly engaged with the characters and very keen to see how everything was to pan out A measured start turned into something of a page turner This may not be considered to be one of Dickens best, but actually I enjoyed it than a couple of his renowned books and it is definitely well worth a read. A very interesting book Some wonderful characters and Dickens sardonic writing style is particularly humorous.Hard Time touches several issues that Dickens had strong feelings about class prejudice, trade unions, parenting, difficult marriage, divorce.It s interesting to note that this was written 4 years before Charles Dickens met Ellen Ternan, the young lady for whom he left his wife of 22 years Dickens writes sensitively about how difficult it is to gain a divorce impossible to do so if a person is poor This book certainly reflects Dickens opinions at the time of writing. I have recently bought a Kindle e reader, and my purchase of Hard Times is the first book I have been enjoying reading on my Kindle I have never read any of Charles Dickens novels before, but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching his televised novels like Little Dorret, Great Expectations and Oliver Twist I am really enjoying reading Hard Times , and I am amazed how much of what Dickens describes and deplores in his book still applies in our modern, profit orientated business society today One feature I really appreciate in the kindle e reader is the English Dictionary Placing the cursor in front of a word automatically reveals its definition at the top or bottom of the page In my view, Hard Times is a book that can be read and appreciated by anyone from the age of 14 upwards Highly recommended The light timbre of Anton Lesser s voice means that he can characterise men and women equally convincingly This is a superb realisation of one of Dickens s finest achievements Lesser makes the often unreadable dialect passages of Stephen Blackpool and the asthmatic Sleary dramatically intelligible Lesser s only weakness is a failure to appreciate rhythm Just as he misses the grandeur of Paradise Lost, so here, we are short changed a bit on the stagey melodrama of Louisa s collapse one has the feeling that the producer is demanding speedy delivery at all costs in order to economise on disc space It blunts some of Dickens s characteristic effects we are never allowed a pregnant pause That said, this is a fine set of discs. Was brought for use with my OU module Was a great read and wish I had known about it before It s one of Dickens s shorter works, so would be a great starting place for anyone wanting to try one of his novels Great speedy delivery with prime Would recommend. Having not picked up Dickens for 30 years, I fully enjoyed this exceptional book The understanding of sociology and psychology weaved into his fabulous prose and fluorescent characters was brilliant Everyone should read this book. Of course, this is a Dickens classic so must have 5 stars But it does have some tedious bits particularly when it becomes very repetitive In order to emphasise the philosophical and political arguments most of the characters are stereotypical caricatures set in stone This book lacks the humour of most of Dickens other works It is a sombre comment on the social consequences of the industrial revolution. Exclusively From Audible Despite The Title, Dickens S Portrayal Of Early Industrial Society Is Less Relentlessly Grim Than That In Novels By Contemporaries Such As Elizabeth Gaskell Or Charles Kingsley Hard Times Weaves The Tale Of Thomas Gradgrind, A Hard Headed Politician Who Raises His Children Louisa And Tom Without Love And To Have No Empathy, Their Lives Completely Devoid Of Beauty, Culture, Or Imagination Only After A Series Of Crises Does Their Father Realise That The Manner In Which He Raised His Children Has Ruined Their Lives Other Characters Include Sissy, The Circus Girl With Love To Spare Who Is Deserted And Adopted Into The Gradgrind Family, As Well As The Honest Mill Worker Stephen Blackpool And The Bombastic Mill Owner Josiah Bounderby The Story Is A Vehement Condemnation Of Industrialisation And Its Dehumanising Effects On Its Workers And Communities In Mid Th Century England George Orwell Praised Dickens And The Novel For Its Generous Anger Concentrated And Compressed In Its Narrative Form, Hard Times Is At Once A Fable, An Audiobook Of Ideas, And A Social Story That Seeks To Engage Directly And Analytically With Political Issues It May Be One Of Dickens S Shortest Works But It Is Also One Of His Triumphs One Of Eight Children, Dickens Came From A Very Poor Family, With His Father Eventually Being Sent To Debtor S Prison At The Age Of , Dickens Was Forced To Start Work In A Blacking Factory In Order To Help Clear The Family Debt His Troublesome Childhood Likely Contributed To Some Of The Novel S Ideas And Lent Him A Sympathetic Voice For The Poor Due To His Vivid Depictions Of The Poverty Stricken, Dickensian Has Ingrained Itself In The English Language, Becoming The Choice Word To Describe An Unacceptable Level Of Poverty Narrator Biography Martin Jarvis Is One Of Britain S Most Admired Actors His Audiobook Output Is Legendary He Is Described In Vanity Fair As The Olivier Of Audiobooks And Genius Of The Spoken Word In The LA Times Award Winning Recordings Range From Titles By Charles Dickens, PG Wodehouse, And Michael Frayn To Thrillers By Jeffrey Archer, Wilbur Smith, Ian Fleming, And Dick Francis Martin Jarvis Has Starred In Many Acclaimed West End And National Theatre Productions And Received The Theatre World Award As Jeeves On Broadway Numerous UK Television Appearances Encompass Law Order, Doctor Who, Endeavour, Inspector Morse, And The Forsyte Saga In America Murder She Wrote, Numbrs, Cosmos And Walker, Texas Ranger Films Include Titanic, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,and Wreck It Ralph Videogames Alfred In Batman, Finn McMissile In Cars Martin Is Invested By HM The Queen As Officer Of Order Of The British Empire OBE