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At Home Place, The Windows Are Blacked Out And Food Is Becoming Scarce As A New Generation Of Cazalets Takes Up The Story Louise Dreams Of Being A Great Actress, Clary Is An Aspiring Writer, While Polly, Is Burdened With Knowledge And The Need To Share It This Is The Sequel To The Light Years I couldn t wait to read this volume of the Cazelet Chronicles and was not disappointed in the story and characters at all However, the typing errors are appalling and sometimes I couldn t even work out what the typo word was meant to be This really isn t good enough, especially when the Kindle books are as expensive as the paper ones Sometimes it looks as if someone is typing the book in their second language which might be the reason for the wierd spellings and indecipherable words. Marking Time is the second in the Cazalet series continuing on a year later from The Light Years, the year is now 1939 and Britain is officially at war Yet in many ways, especially for the women and children life continues in much the same way as before, albeit restricted, time stretching on This second book follows the younger generation, in particular Louise, Polly and Clary in depth Louise embarks upon a career in acting and also starts receiving her first attentions from gentlemen Polly and Clary meanwhile remain in the closeted environment of Home Place, each facing their own particular struggles Polly with her mother falling ill and Clary with her father reported missing in war.This second book continues on very much in the same vein as the first, Howard transporting you back into another era with her wonderful evocation of life during the war For those already familiar with the characters it is simply a pleasure to catch up with them and continue to follow the joys and sorrows, trials and tribulations of their lives, however, great or small I enjoyed the character development in this novel of Zoe in particular, as she had really grown as a person from the last book and it was interesting to see the children growing up as well, Polly and Clary being my personal favourites amongst them, though the younger ones, Neville and Lydia, were quite often very amusing Louise I found harder to like, her feelings and actions confusing at times.There is quite a shift in tone from the innocence and golden days of the first book the themes of loss in particular being explored, as well as the frustrations of adolescence, and trying to find your own identity in that period where you re neither child nor yet adult.All in all I found this an absorbing read insightful of events and life during World War II, as well as a wonderful character study I ll certainly be reading the third book in the series soon. Marking Time continues on from The Light Years it is the second book in a series of five books by Elizabeth Jane Howard The story continues in 1939 as the Cazalet family prepare to face the realities of war The author gives a real feel of period and the lives of people undergoing huge social changes the freedom from the constraints of a tightly class riden society that the war starts to break downt are well described The deprivation caused by rationing is well documented and at times very funny the predicament of upper class people who had never had to cook or look after themselvesIt Is interesting in that most of the younger members of the family embrace the social changes and live in and chaotic personal and domestic circumstances The converations of the children trying to understand the complex lives of adults and mostly adults behaving in a way and with the freedon that only people with money can behave that is that they have the safety of money to fall back on.Will certainly read the third volume A good companion read for the Cazalet Chronicles is Elizabeth Jane Howard A Dangerous Innocence by Artemis Cooper. I am completely hooked on the Cazalet saga, of which this is the second book in the series In Marking time the focus shifts from the adults in the family to the older children all on the cusp of becoming adults, trying to make sense of their lives while the war WW2 begins to slowly affect everyone s lives, I am still only half way through but am loving every second of it Apart from the wonderful characters what resonates with me most is the simplicity of life for people at that time Clothes were worn until they fell apart, anything that could be darned and mended was repaired until it was too far gone When new clothes were bought people went to one good shop Peter Jones for example and bought what they needed generally something that would last them for years Food was managed economically and left overs re hashed until they were used up A far cry from our excessive shopping habits and throwaway society today However, none of this is idealised in Elizabeth Jane Howard s writing Brought up during the period she writes about there is a strong sense or authenticity that can only be created by someone who has lived during this time Once I have finished Marking time I will be buying the third book in the series immediately Haven t been so captivated by a saga since Poldark