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When Charles Henstock, Rector Of Thrush Green, Moves A Mile Downhill To The Parish Of Lulling, His Many Friends Rejoice In His Promotion But An Unfortunate Skirmish With One Of His Wealthy Parishioners Over The Lady Chapel Kneelers Saddens Him

8 thoughts on “Affairs at Thrush Green

  1. Ffion Fandango Ffion Fandango says:

    Lovely quality ribbon but much lighter in colour than expected This is the difficulty of buying online given the colour difference between PCs Green, Lilac and gold ribbon all look much darker on the listing No one s fault just unfortunate However at the very reasonable price it s not the end of the world and I ll just use it for something in the future Communications with the seller were good and they offered to replace it but to be honest with postage prices as they are it s hardly worth it.

  2. judy d needham judy d needham says:

    I love all that Miss Read does they are of an earlier time a time when I was a child and remember well I am buying them on my Kindle in order and once I have read the Thrush Green I will start with the Fairacre series

  3. Reading Girl Reading Girl says:

    Excellent series as are all Miss Read series A way of life I remember only too well in my childhood and the whole is well penned describing life just, as indeed, it was One cared about the characters and it s good to know that when the last page of the last book penned by the author herself was turned over, all the characters were not gone but simply within the covers of those books to open again whenever one wanted.

  4. hazel chamberlin hazel chamberlin says:

    I love all Miss Read books, a continuation of village life, and the story of the people and their relationships in the 1950s The school and Church are similar to my early life My favourite is Ella.

  5. fizzybear1 fizzybear1 says:

    Lovely gentle story

  6. Bebebach Bebebach says:

    I love all the Miss Read books and have just about collected them all This one is just as good and as interesting as all the rest, I can almost believe I live in Thrush Green myself, the descriptions are very believable.

  7. Looby-Lou Looby-Lou says:

    A great read from a kinder, gentler time.

  8. Customer Customer says:

    went down well