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The Sequel To The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters Is Now Available To Download, Unabridged, On Audio Percy Jackson Has Had A Quiet Year Not A Single Monster Has Set Foot In His New York School But When A Game Of Dodgeball Turns Into A Death Match Against An Ugly Gang Of Cannibal Giants, Things Get Well, Ugly And Then Percy S Friend Annabeth Brings Bad News The Magical Borders That Protect Camp Half Blood Have Been Poisoned, And The Only Safe Haven For Young Demigods Is Under Threat To Save Their Camp, Percy And His Friends Must Embark On A Quest That Will Take Them Into The Treacherous Sea Of Monsters And A Desperate Fight For Their Lives Im a Harry Potter fan and have read my HP books so often that I fancied a change These books were recommended by fellow HP fans and I must say I really enjoyed it The story line is all based around Percy Jackson who finds out he is a demi god is father is one of the top three gods wont say who as its part of the story Anyway he goes on a quest to recover Zeus s firebolt and along the way makes both friends and enemies There is certainly a lot of greek mythology references which I enjoyed and its certainly a hero verses the bad guys story like HP The plot lines are a little obvious but the books are aimed at 11 year olds so to be expected The author may not be JK Rowling but I have ordered the next two books so proof of their entertainment value All in all very enjoyable I have just finished reading this second book in the Percy Jackson series to my children They love these books They seriously pester me every night to read to them, which given the number of other distractions and delights available to them in the form of electronic gizmos, is high praise indeed They are never content with just one chapter either, they always clamour for Luckily, reading to them is no hardship with books as well put together as this I have enjoyed reading it to them as much as they have enjoyed being read to.In this book, Percy is reunited with Annabeth, daughter of Athena, and a new friend, Tyson, and sent off on a new quest which sees him reunited with friends and enemies alike, as he races to save Camp Half Blood from imminent destruction I don t want to give too much of the book away if you are about to embark upon it, because there are lots of unexpected twists and turns to the plot which make it exciting to read.As an adult who read a lot of mythological stories, and who later studied Greek and Roman civilisation at university, I love how Riordan effortlessly threads the ancient stories into new and exciting shapes for modern readers My children aren t really aware of the background of the original stories, and I am also looking forward to them discovering them as they grow older.We already have the third book lined up. I absolutely love this book I think its for all ages and it is full of excitement and monster s.I am also a big harry potter fan and if you like harry potter thus book will really suite you.I gave it 5 stars and I can t wait to bread the next book I would also recommend the heroes of Olympus for those books are also amazing to I hope you enjoy is book Bought the whole series of Percy Jackson for my 12 year old son who liked a lot all 5 books including this and read them during a relatively short time When he finished the Harry Potter series he was in trouble what to read next so we pick these for him I am glad we did because the story is good and engaging, adventurous enough for a young boy plus it teaches some about acient greek history which is a bonus really I would definietly recommend it. I am 12 years old and am quite an advanced reader, so thought these books would be for younger kids and not for me I fell in love with them The concept of the book is amazing It is about Greek demigods in the modern day, who have to deal with normal problems as teenagers as well as fighting Greek monsters and saving Olympus The books didn t get worse during the series and the characters were relatable and funny and it feels like they are your friends As well as this, since reading these books, I have found I now know tones of stuff about Greek mythology and aced my classics test I have now read the Percy Jackson series, heroes of Olympus series and trials of Apollo series and could not recommend this series enough