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Between This Work And The Grapes Of Wrath, It S Difficult To State Definitively Which Was The Significant Of John Steinbeck S Works However, There Is No Arguing The Fact That He Is One Of The Most Important Literary Figures In American History Streetwise George And His Big, Childlike Friend Lennie Are Drifters, Searching For Work In The Fields And Valleys Of California They Have Nothing Except The Clothes On Their Back, And A Hope That One Day They Ll Find A Place Of Their Own And Live The American Dream But Dreams Come At A Price Gentle Giant Lennie Doesn T Know His Own Strength, And When They Find Work At A Ranch He Gets Into Trouble With The Boss S Daughter In Law Trouble So Bad That Even His Protector George May Not Be Able To Save Him

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    My daughter had to buy this book for her English Literature GCSE Exam and she told me it was very convenient The pages that summarise the chapter helped her find the main points she needed to revise for her exams They were also a useful way to go back and remember what happened without having to re read the entire chapter.There were questions at the end of the book that you could answer that helped her to understand the context, content, author and characters better.My daughter tells me Of Mice and Men is a detailed and intricate story written in the 1930s by John Steinbeck It tells the story of George and Lennie, two migrant ranch workers, sharing a dream of one day owning their own ranch and also their struggle of trying to survive due to lack of money The book also includes the most important issues regarding society in America during the great depression which were my daughters GCSE topics for this novel such as racism, sexism, prejudice and the American Dream It is a highly thought provoking story wherein the simplest of sentences has a profound deeper meaning.Overall it s a very good book with useful summarised pages and questions that make it easy to understand and use as a revision tool for GCSE English Literature I would definitely recommend it for anyone who either is doing this for their GCSEs or has a teenager that is.

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    Before you finish the first page you realise that you re reading an authentic poetic piece of literature As with other John Steinbeck works, his recognition and homage to hard economic times in America, and the transient workforce is so subtly and vividly portrayed.Lennie and George are two immortal characters that live well beyond the pages of this book It is a heart breaking story of loyalty and love, of friendship and society, and of hope and despondency Lennie is the main discussion point in the book and it is such a sad story about the impact of a serious personality disorder, and how it can have devastating consequences to the person and those around them I did, however, think a lot about George and how he had enabled the friendship to grow and how he tried to provide a protective shield around Lennie He was constantly driving Lennie to remember statements he needed to recite if challenged or actions he needed to follow if confronted They dreamed and talked constantly about the smallholding they had been saving for They would have different crops and animals particularly rabbits for Lennie and be masters of their own domain Life can be cruel when hope and aspirations can be dashed with an unforeseen event and twist of fate.The story does have a sexist feel to it in the sense that the woman no name was the downfall of Lennie and was only ever referred to as Curley s wife There is an inference that she was Curley s possession and perhaps her behaviour was to illustrate she was not the possession of one, but free to be with many.George showed sincere and deep love for Lennie in resolving the issue in a way which was best for Lennie while leaving himself with remorse, guilt and loss for the rest of his life.Why oh why did it take me so long to read this book don t make the same mistake.

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    The film, Of Mice and Men, 1992 version, will always be one of my favourites It encouraged me read this book Firstly, I was amazed at just how short the book is at 150 pages It s a book you can read in day with time to spare The story though, still comes across as just fine and is never less than interesting and engaging with many topical points to dwell on.This particular book is also written for GCSE study, which I don t intend to comment on, as many have already done so.For me the main player here, and centre of attention, is Lennie He is intellectually disabled, with a childlike imagination A comparison to some degree would be Forest Gump or Karl from Sling Blade He drifts during the Great Depression, and looks for work under Roosevelt s New Deal , with his best and only friend George, who continually mothers him and keeps him out of mischief They are like chalk and cheese but need each other They follow the American dream of one day owning their own bit of land it eventually transpires that they are not the only ones Eventually they end up on a farm in California and this is where we meet several different characters and the story unfolds Steinbeck s writing style describes them all perfectly well and this is a feature of his writing It is also quite clear that he is very knowledgeable about farm life and also the countryside that surrounds it.Whilst I d seen the film first, I still found the book totally engaging, even though it was very similar to the film The characters including the leads do leave a lasting impression and stir the old grey matter They are all so different even though the tale is so brief They raise questions of loyalty, pity, vulnerability, sadness, anger inferiority, loneliness isolation and of course, from that period racism.Finally, what helps to make this book such an interesting read is the dialogue and slang used the book s glossary is very helpful.