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The Clifton Chronicles Is Jeffrey Archer S Most Ambitious Work In Four Decades As An International Best Selling Author The Epic Tale Of Harry Clifton S Life Begins In , With The Chilling Words, I Was Told That My Father Was Killed In The War But It Will Be Another Years Before Harry Discovers How His Father Really Died, Which Will Only Lead Him To Question Who Was His Father Is He The Son Of Arthur Clifton, A Stevedore Who Worked In Bristol Docks, Or The First Born Son Of A Scion Of West Country Society, Whose Family Owns A Shipping Line Only Time Will Tell Covers The Years From To , And Includes A Cast Of Memorable Characters That The Times Has Compared To The Forsyte Saga Volume One Takes Us From The Ravages Of The Great War To The Outbreak Of The Second World War, When Harry Must Decide Whether To Take Up A Place At Oxford, Or Join The Navy And Go To War With Hitler S Germany

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  1. Scarygirl Scarygirl says:

    I have only praise and worship for Jeffrey Archer, for this moving first volume of the Clifton Chronicles.As my all time favourite story teller, Archer did not disappoint with volume one of the torrid life of Harry Clifton and his sordid beginnings, which we can already see leading to strife, anguish, heartache and betrayal as he grows up.Sitting down to read this book, it was almost like someone had wrapped a cosy blanket around me and given me a steaming mug of hot chocolate, such is the warm glow that Archer s stories always give me.This is a man who knows how to tell a tale, both epic and short My preference is the endless epic, which I truly wish would never end.

  2. Kee Lady Kee Lady says:

    Until a work colleague recommended The Clifton Chronicles, Jeffrey Archer wasn t on my reading radar but I m so glad I picked this up Only Time Will Tell begins the epic tale of Harry Clifton s life covering its highs and lows, triumphs and successes Although not the most sophisticated of writers, Archer is undoubtedly a gifted story teller I struggled to put this book down and the dramatic cliff hanger ending has only left me impatient to get stuck into the next book

  3. Talk Tidy Talk Tidy says:

    I resisted buying Jeffrey Archer books for many years due to the financial scandal When this book was a only 0.59p on Kindle it was time to move on I am very glad I did as it is a lovely story of mistakes, friendship, trial, arrogance and love The story is about a gifted boy named Harry Clifton and his Mother Maisie fighting against the odds to ensure Harry gets the best chance in life This book spans Harry s life up to the start of World War 2 when people were expected to know their place in society I liked to idea of some of the characters telling the story from their perspective What I found particularly interesting was the feeling I had of being actually on the docks with Harry and sitting in Old Jack s railway carriage Having read 80 books this year, this would be in my top 5 I now have the other 4 Clifton books on my Kindle.

  4. Mummy Loves Books Mummy Loves Books says:

    It s been some years now since I read a Jeffrey Archer novel with Kane Able being my favourite but with all the infamy the Tory peer has received it seemed his personal life would eclipse his literary one When I saw the first instalments of his new series The Clifton Chronicles for the bargain price of 99p I wasn t quite sure what to expect.I delved I to the first book in the series a little unsure of what to expect, the 1980 s were the height of books which charted grand family sagas but would this format stand the test of the new millennia I have to be honest and admit I was 100% gripped, I literally could not put it down It was so well crafted and woven together that each chapter seemed to fly past in a myriad of action and drama.It was such a lovely story of young Harry Clifton, the dockers son who through hard work, help from friends and the love of his mother finds himself at a private boys school achieving opportunities previously out with his grasp At the heart of the story the question as to whom his father truly was, docker Arthur Clifton or shipping magnate Hugo Barrington It is the relationships between Harry and his mother and his friend Old Jack which truly make the book come alive and lift it above the norm, truly wonderful writing.It was just a joy to read, Archer left the book on such a cliffhanger that it is difficult not to rush off immediately and begin book 2 but then to rush them would seem a little indulgent and besides I have 4 children who might like to have a conversation with their mother this weekend and if I begin book 2 I couldn t entirely promise them that..


    The story is fairly straightforward but it is complicated and stretched by having the same events described from other characters points of view These extra descriptions also move backwards and forwards in time to really keep you on your toes Sadly this makes the tale feel very muddled when it is really quite simple The same story could have been told in about a quarter the number of pages and would have been much less confusing Presumably the author wanted a novel of the proper length and this was a good way to pad it out It does not make me want to read another in the series.

  6. Abzorba the Greek Abzorba the Greek says:

    This book is one of those family epics I usually enjoy Jeffrey Archer s yarns and am completely able to divorce my view of his writings from my view of the man The best ever for me was As the Crow Flies, but this one is almost as good The only thing that slightly annoyed me was the fact that is was touted as a free download and just when the story really gets going, you reach the end and have to buy the next book in the series Full marks, though to , because the second one is only 99p, whereas on iTunes for iBooks on my iPad the 2nd one is 2.99.The plot reminded me a great deal of the book The View From Kleoboulos, though I don t want to give too much away, but I found myself wondering if Archer has read it by the time I was two thirds of the way through this one.What I do like about this book is the total lack of foul language, which for me is far too common in novels nowadays Maybe I m old fashioned, but I like John Grisham for similar reasons Both authors prove that you can keep reader engaged without resorting to frequent uses of the f word or graphic sex or violence A good story shouldn t need either.

  7. Pattat Pattat says:

    Don t know why it has taken me so long to start reading these books,but now I have I cant stop,I am now on the second book of these chronicles ,though I dowloaded them for my holiday reading,the characters in the books are so real life,growing up before the war I know how hard it was to get a good education unless you had money behind you.passing for high school for me was a not a option,no money for uniform,bus fares,etc,so to have the chance that Harry Clifton had and took,makes this a very interesting and heart warming story.,love the character Jack Tar,what a friend to have in your life,the picture archer paints if the life of the dockworker is so vivid,but wonder if the younger generation will ever be able to imagine what life was really like for these people and their families.excellent reading Mr Archer,thank you.