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Once An Aristocrat In The Heady Days Of Pre Revolutionary France, Now Lestat Is A Rockstar In The Demonic, Shimmering S He Rushes Through The Centuries In Search Of Others Like Him, Seeking Answers To The Mystery Of His Terrifying Exsitence His Story, The Second Volume In Anne Rice S Best Selling Vampire Chronicles, Is Mesmerizing, Passionate, And Thrilling

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  1. WriteStuff WriteStuff says:

    When I wrote my review of Interview with the Vampire , the first of Anne Rice s Vampire Chronicles, earlier this year, I ended hoping that its sequel would be less ambiguous I am delighted to say it is, although it almost goes to the other, indepth extreme The Vampire Lestat is a hefty tome which principally follows the life, creation and afterlife of the enigmatic Lestat de Lioncourt, a minor French nobleman who dreams of than the futile existence dictated by his position as the younger son in a poor but arrogant family But this book is also about so much This second Chronicle is a lot thicker than the first for the simple reason that it not only contains the life story and personal development of Lestat himself, but also the histories of two older vampires, the elegant Marius and the lost Armand, as well as legends of the race s origins and the first vampires, Enkil and Akasha Like the first book, The Vampire Lestat continues to ponder life and death, good and evil and where vampires fall in the grand scheme of things, but there is also a lot of action and adventure which give the overall tale much bite than the first and greatly improve its pace.Although I enjoyed this much than Interview , I believe that both books should be read rather than one or the other The Vampire Lestat casts a great deal of light on the events of Interview , placing it in the context of Lestat s existence and explaining much of the what happened between Lestat, Louis, Claudia and Armand It s almost as if Interview is a taster for The Vampire Lestat rather than a novel in its own right.In short, although its length made it hard to keep momentum towards the end and I feel a bit cheated because it s now clear that the second and third Vampire Chronicles are really one book story rather than two, I feel that my perseverance has been rewarded and I am keen to continue reading The Vampire Lestat is exciting and interesting, just as its predecessor verged on the depressing and perverse, and it really is a great read Just try not to be put off by the size of it

  2. Loco Caballo Loco Caballo says:

    This book ispecial not written in the same style as the previous one It is good and the story continues to grow I recommend this story.The preduction was in good condition for a prenowned item

  3. M M says:

    I read this book first when I was fifteen and found it in my oxfam book shop where i worked I couldn t believe there was a writer who had written a book based on the vampire lestat from the queen of the damned movie which i adored especially at fourteen and still to this day 24 NOW and 24, i have re read it and it is still one of my favourite novels ever.

  4. Kevin Cepek Kevin Cepek says:

    Amazing book Love all the series.

  5. Martin Martin says:

    The Vampire Lestat is a phenomenal story In the first book we only get a glimpse of Lestat through the eyes and words of another, but this story lets you really get to know him It s somewhat of an origin story that introduces you to a fantastic world you can easily get wrapped up in

  6. Rebekah Rebekah says:

    haven t read this book yet as i haven t finished reading my others but i have been told that this book is a great read from a friend

  7. Sue Bullock Sue Bullock says:

    Very good thanks.

  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    Great book