Free Pdf The Light Years: Cazalet Chronicle, Volume 1Author Elizabeth Jane Howard –

This is the first book in a series of volumes about the Cazalet family and it is obvious that the author intends the story to be much longer than just this one novel For that reason this book was very much about setting the scene for readers and introducing them to the large family and their associates For me this meant that, on occasion, the book dragged a bit Nothing really dramatic happens and the story moves from one character to another telling their story and weaving them together into a bigger whole I was gripped by the writing and the characters but there were still a few moments when I wanted to hurry things along a bit.The story is set in the immediate pre WW2 years in an established middle class family of three generations The author tells the story of each of these generations and quite a lot of the book is about the children grandchildren I didn t get confused between characters and who is related to whom but by the time I get to the next volume I will probably have forgotten everything I knew about their relationships The joy of this book is firstly in its evocation of a particular time and way of life The author does an excellent job of creating an appropriate atmosphere and of showing us about cultural norms rather than telling us The second strength of the book is in the characterisations The author is handling a large number of characters but she succeeds in making them each into individuals and in making them believable.Nothing much happens here but the reading experience is still very enjoyable despite my wish that it was a bit shorter or dramatic The next book will, however, need to have a bit action to keep me engaged with the series as a whole. The Tangled Lives Of Three Generations Evoke A Vanished World In This, The First Volume Of The Cazalet Chronicle Home Place, Sussex, The English Family At Home For Two Unforgettable Summers, They Gathered Together, Safe From The Advancing Storm Clouds Of War In The Heart Of The Sussex Countryside, These Were Still Sunlit Days Of Childish Games, Lavish Family Meals, And Picnics On The Beach Three Generations Of The Cazalet Family Played Out Their Lives With Their Relatives, Their Children And Their Servants And The Fascinating Triangle Of Their Affairs Boring I bought this book after a friend had read the Italian translation and enjoyed it Maybe the translation was better than the original There is no depth to any of the very many characters all having tepid baths and saying ghastly all the time I found the style trite, the story line so slow I could fall asleep over it and the grammar of the narrative I admit to being a nit picker poor the subjunctive does exist in English even if infrequently used in spoken English Not my cup of tea. I thoroughly enjoyed the first few chapters of this book, but became increasingly dismayed as the author introduced and characters with every page something like 30 by page 60 When I say introduced I mean established each one in some detail, before dropping them and moving on to the next batch The effect is of touring a large office on your first day in a new job a whirl of names and faces that are impossible to retain in detail As I write, they are in the process of gathering at a country house, which unfortunately means yet characters in the form of under gardeners, scullery maids etc I will persevere but my patience has been severely tried, which is a pity. The first book The Light Years in The Cazalet Chronicles by Elizabeth Jane Howard introduces the upper middle class English Cazalet family and starts the late 1930 s is a hugely enjoyable read The large sprawling Cazalet family and the supporting cast of friends and servants are all believable rounded characters not all stereotypically formed, having good and bad characteristics, tone changes from comical to at times heartbreakingly sad The generation that have survived WWI are shown to be carrying the weight of that war with them The different generations bring their different points of view to the understanding of what is going on and some of the social and political problems of the time The book is imposible to read without referring back to the family tree The converations of the children trying to understand the complex lives of adults and mostly adults behaving in a way and with the freedon that only people with money can behave that is that they have the safety of money to fall back on.