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I love the stories by HE Bates Always beautifully written, often with an emotionally sad feeling throughout his serious stories These are usually at a slower pace than many of today s authors, but if you like emotional, moving tales with lovely indepth descriptions that paint a vivid picture in your mind, then this book and many of his novels will delight you. An Unabridged Recording Of Orwell S Brilliant First Novel Read By Allan Corduner The Story Is Largely Based On Orwell S Own Experiences As A Police Officer In Burma Set In The Dying Days Of The Raj, It Depicts The Harshness And Darker Side Of Colonial Rule And At Its Centre Is John Flory, A Lone Individual Hopelessly Trapped In A Vast Political System Themes Which Set The Agenda For Much Of His Writing Burmese Days Was Orwell S First Novel, And Was Issued In In America, Then A Year Later In The UK Where There Had Been Fears And Controversy Initially That The Material Could Be Libellous Orwell posits that there is a very short period in everyone s life when one s character is fixed forever Given the semi autobiographical nature of this work, it would come as no surprise to anyone that Orwell himself drifted to the emotional Left in the face of such staggering racism and snobbery However, given his schooling, the period could have started sooner.A desperately sad story of an outsider who didn t fit in and was unsound Read this and you will wonder how the map was pink.Note that the book contains highly offensive language. Burmese Days paints a very grim picture of colonial life in the early 20th century Orwell obviously dislikes his fellow British compatriots they are shown to be lazy, corrupt, racist and immoral However his opinion of the Burmese is not much better, leading one to suppose that his time with the Indian Imperial Police must have been very miserable.This is very much a book with no heroes each character is flawed The main protagonist is Flory, a timber merchant He lives a fairly peaceful if dissolute life but when a young English woman appears in the town he hopes to encourage her into marriage He casts aside his Burmese mistress without a thought an action that will come back to haunt him Elizabeth s guardians have Flory in mind as a suitor but he in turn is painfully cast aside when the aristocratic Verrell arrives.Throughout the book Orwell describes the lack of respect shown to the native people Much of the language used in the dialogue is to the modern reader shocking but understandable However I was much less comfortable with his general descriptions The butler at the club is described as having liquid yellow irised eyes like those of a dog and a woman is described as simian.The narrative flows at a good pace and there are some episodes of real excitement Burmese Days offers a vivid and unsentimental picture of a lost era. Orwell invokes the spell of the orient well, he has put his personal experiences in Burma s to good use An excellent author giving value for money The main characters of the saga are beautifully drawn It captured my attention to the very last page. Good solid George Orwell Entertaining and well written he draws on his own experiences to highlight the impact of Empire not only on the locals but also on the British Officials who administered and exploited others Different attitudes within this are made apparent and fascinating to read The attitudes of some of the Colonials can make you shudder and you realise that whilst some of us have moved on, others have residual thoughts and would feel comfortable in The Club But the damage the system did to the British involved is shown here Isolation, loneliness and being brutalised as well as an unjustified feeling of superiority This was fed and fed into so many missed opportunities for friendships and developing genuine relationships with people from another culture as well as learning from them. A book written by one of the finest authors of anytime What s there no to love about a snapshot of Burma in the last days of British Rule Exquisitely written Burmese Days was very good It describes the narrator s experiences as a colonial in Burma He hates the other British people s attitude to the Burmese However, this causes him to becomes alienated from the other British people, and he ends up in misery.