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Raffaello Rafe Palazzo Takes What He Wants With No Regrets Arianna Ari Lynn Harlow Has Led A Charmed Life Until Tragedy Strikes Her Family He S Looking For A No Emotions Attached Mistress She S Looking For Redemption They Are Not A Pair That Should Ever Work, But Undeniable Attraction And Devastating Tragedies Bring Them Together In The City By The Bay Where He Fights To Keep Their Relationship Nothing Than An Enjoyable Way To Meet His Needs, And She Battles To Not Lose Herself In Him Spending Time With Ari Starts Cracking The Hard Shell That Rafe Has Built Around His Heart, But He Denies The Affect She Has On Him Until It S Too Late To Stop The Inevitable Conclusion That Their Relationship Is Headed For Rafe Once Believed In Happily Ever After, Coming From A Large Italian Family He S Got The Midas Touch, Since Every Endeavor He Tries Turns To Gold That All Ends When His Wife Walks Out The Door And Leaves Him Blindsided His Devastation Quickly Turns To Steel When He Decides No Woman Will Fool Him Again From That Point On He Treats Relationships As Nothing Than Business Transactions Where Both Party S Come Out Mutually Benefited Just When Ari Has Sunk To The Lowest She S Ever Been She Finds An Ad In The Paper Announcing A Job That S Too Good To Be True It Turns Out She S Right She Makes It Through The Intense Rounds Of Interviews Only To Find Out The Job Is For A Mistress To The Powerful Rafe Palazzo, Owner Of Palazzo Enterprises Rafe Gives Her A Day To Think About Whether She Wants The Position Or Not, And She S Sent On Her Way, Only To Find Out Her Mother S Near Terminal Position Has Taken A Turn For The Worse Her Mom S Only In The Hospital Because Ari Messed Up, And Her Mother S The One Who Paid The Price Is Rafe Her Savior, Or Will He Take Her With Him Straight To The Depths Of Hell

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  1. Tops Tops says:

    This book is awful I bought it for 0.99 and, frankly, even that was too much I m all for a good seduction, a hate to love romance, a rich man falling in love with the poor woman, a dom sub sexual theme, but to be honest all of this was non existent It actually came across as near enough rape The main character repeated said no and yet Rafe continued his advances The final straw was when he walked in on her asleep in the bath and decided that he would teach, not only her how good it would be between them, but also how to follow his orders Might I add that she had been drugged and nearly violated two nights before Now imagine you re her, you awake to find a man hovering over you, a man you re trying to get to leave you alone, who s taken you from your home fair enough to look after you after recently being given a date rape drug and nearly raped Would you then sit on his lap and kiss the ever loving hell out of him after he plucked you from a bath without your permission Yeah, didn t think so.Clearly I haven t finished this book, but from what other have said, it s unfinished The writing is mediocre at best and topics, such as date rape drugs, are not properly researched The author rambles and repeats herself over and over Of the little I actually bothered to read, the majority of that was merely skimmed over If you can read three full sentences on each page and still managed to figure out the story, you know what s bad writing.I wouldn t recommend this to any reader Don t waste your time and money There s much better writing out there.

  2. Abi Abi says:

    Honest review The book is a slow I ve read her other books which I like but this book didn t feel modern and had a strange style of writing It felt like it was written 50 years ago with the words she used to describe things especially with the intimate scenes.I wasn t fond of the male lead at all he was too controlling and intimidating to the point of disgustsometimes No just means No The female lead was just too confusing and slightly immature for her age.Both characters are hard to relate to or like.I won t be buying part two or three as it just wasn t exciting.Knocked an extra star off my rating because the book finished at 85% which is absolutely ridiculous, authors need to show their readers respect

  3. natalie w natalie w says:

    A serialised mills and boon The book has no real depth to be anything other than a very light erotic romance and is definitely not good enough to be serialised with a sudden the end I struggled to read through the portion of a book as its not really a book because it doesn t really have a end The man male character is really unlikeable and does not evolve or improve but in fact gets worse throughout the book and acts in a way that s is bullish, abusive and probably unlawful.The actual unfinished story could have been finished in 20 pages as the author is so repetitive The sort of half books really ignore because a truly good author does no need these gimmicks, look at Charlaine Harris It dies not make a series when you write A book and then cut it into 3.If I could give this zero stars I would, it s quite repetitive, long winded and has No ending,

  4. Donna Young 🐶🐕🐱🐈 Donna Young 🐶🐕🐱🐈 says:

    This is book one in the Surrender SeriesMeet Raffaello Rafe Palazzo Rafe takes what he wants with no regrets Then Rafe meets the lovely Arianna Ari Lynn Harlow Ari has led a charmed life until tragedy struck her family hard Rafe is looking for a no emotions attached, no strings attached mistress Ari s looking for redemption Possibly something .Rafe and Ari are not a pair that should even work They have undeniable attraction and the devastating tragedies bring them together, in the city by the bay Rafe fights to keep their relationship nothing other an enjoyable way to meet his needs Ari battles to not lose herself in Rafe Rafe is trying to not spend time with Ari Ari is starting to cracking the hard exterior that Rafe has built successfully around his heart Rafe tries to deny the effect Ari has on him Until it s too late to stop the inevitable The conclusion is that their relationship is headed for .Rafe once believed in happily ever after Rafe is from a large Italian family Rafe s got the Midas touch, since every endeavor he touches turns to gold That all ended when his wife walked out and left him blindsided Rafe s devastation quickly turns to steel When Rafe has since decided that no woman will fool him again From that point on he treats any relationship as nothing than any other business transactions this is where both parties come out mutually benefited.Just when Ari could sink to the lowest that she s ever been Ari finds an ad in the paper announcing a job that s probably too good to be true It turns out Ari s right Ari makes it through the intense rounds of interviews just to find out the job is for a mistress to the masterful and powerful Rafe Palazzo, the handsome owner of Palazzo Enterprises Rafe only gives Ari a day to make up her mind to see if Ari wants the position or not After that Ari s sent on her way Only to find out her mother s near terminal position s taken a turn for the worse Ari mom s only in the hospital because Ari messed up big time Ari s mother s the one who paid the consequences Can Rafe be Ari s savior Or will Rafe take Ari with him straight to the deathly depths of hell Melody Anne is an amazing author I really need than 5 s.