download books Sharpe's Trafalgar: The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805 (The Sharpe Series, Book 4)Author Bernard Cornwell –

Bernard Cornwell is, in my opinion for whatever that is worth the best historical author currently working in the world of narrative fiction based upon real life historical events He pulls no punches in respect to the often extremely violent reality of life during the wide ranging periods of human history he has covered The net result is an authentic and often contemporary feel, featuring a cast of flawed characters that the modern day reader can identify with in some cases , and entertained by until it becomes quite addictive. Richard Sharpe, Travelling Home Aboard The Revenant , Meets Admiral Nelson And His Fleet, On What Was A Calm October Day Off Cape Trafalgar Soldier, Hero, Rogue Sharpe Is The Man You Always Want On Your Side Born In Poverty, He Joined The Army To Escape Jail And Climbed The Ranks By Sheer Brutal Courage He Knows No Other Family Than The Regiment Of The Th Rifles Whose Green Jacket He Proudly Wears this is my fourth sharpe , i found this one a little pedantic at times , however i did enjoy the descriptions of battles between the warships , having read similar before and also seen it described on tv it all seemed very realistic , injurties must have been horrific and if that did,nt kill you the surgery would Sharpe has become ruthless now being a murderer and an accessory to murder added to his qualifications as an officer ,but not a gentleman I am now started reading Prey and Sharpe is down on his heels with little cash , I think I ve read all of Bernard Cornwell s masterpieces but this book rates as one of the most memorable I m not sure about the way Sharpe finds himself into the battle but as usual Cornwell has done his research extremely well and anyone looking to get a human insight to the battle of Trafalgar need not look further. Once started, this book is definiely hard to put down It is interesting to see the usually confident Ensign Richard Sharpe out of his usual environment, and thrust into the unfamiliar territory of life at sea All the usual Cornwell devices are here treachery, comradeship, a beautiful woman, and of course war but this time, Sharpe is learning the ropes literally However, after a brief meeting with Admiral Nelson extremely well handled by Cornwell and does not appear at all false or contrived Sharpe is once again in the thick of the action, helping to turn the tide at Trafalgar I for one cannot wait for the next book in the series, perhaps it will deal with the expedition to Copenhagen We will see, but Cornwell will have his job cut out to top Sharpe s Trafalgar. Having read many of this author s books I was very taken by the passion of the battle and pre battle details Having served at sea during three wars I found the enthusiasm and spirit of many the characters still exist at sea today. Newly promoted Sharpe boards ship to return to Britain, where he is to join the rifles Sharpe falls for a married lady , having an affair on board ship A traitorous captain sells the ship to the French with the aid of one of Sharpes earlier enemies Eventually the ship is recaptured by the navy Sharpe joins the ship which chases after the French, eventually they catch up with them and find the Royal Navy fleet The battle of Trafalgar follows and once again Sharpe helps to save the day Great story well written and despite being quite an old book now the story is great and I didn t put it down after I started to read it until I had finished. I originally skipped this volume because I didn t think Sharpe and Trafalgar could go together just too unrealistic But curiosity got the better of me when offered it as a deal for 99p I am pleasantly surprised, the story of the battle was interesting and the characters well drawn Life at sea is neatly shown, including the deterioration of food drink over a long voyage as well as the tedium and discomfort A P O cruise it certainly wasn t